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Have you ever tried cleaning a stain on your carpet, only for it to reappear the next day? If so, you likely didn’t remove it completely.

Don’t feel bad – this is a common issue. At Angelo’s Cleaning, we want to help extend the life of your carpets by sharing ten common carpet cleaning mistakes to avoid.

DIY carpet cleaning seems simple enough but to prevent carpet damage and maximize your carpet’s lifespan, we advise steering clear of these ten mistakes:

Scrubbing stains

Scrubbing stains too vigorously.

Aggressive scrubbing can fray and twist carpet fibers. Rather than lifting stains, it grinds them deeper into the carpet. Use a gentle blotting motion instead.

Waiting too long to remove the stain

Waiting too long to remove the stain.

The quicker you treat a spill, the easier it is to remove it. Allowing liquid to soak into the carpet and padding creates wicking and increases risks of odor and mold growth.

Using improper cleaning solutions

Using improper cleaning solutions.

The wrong cleaning product can permanently discolor or damage your carpets. Always research solutions and follow manufacturer guidelines. At Angelo’s, we give a free bottle of our Spot Out (spot remover) with any Carpet Cleaning service.

Not testing cleaning solutions first

Not testing cleaning solutions first.

When you are trying a new cleaning product, test it first on a hidden carpet area to make sure it won’t cause any discoloration or fiber damage.

Misusing carpet deodorizers

Misusing carpet deodorizers.

Deodorizing powders are not a cleaning substitute. Some of these powders create residue buildup if they’re not thoroughly vacuumed which can actually create more staining.

Skipping professional carpet cleanings

Skipping professional cleanings.

Like dentist visits prevent plaque, professional carpet cleaning extends carpet life. Most manufacturers recommend hiring an IICRC-certified pro like Angelo’s Cleaning every 12-18 months.

Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

Renting faulty or dirty equipment.

Rental carpet cleaners are often damaged or improperly maintained, leading to excess solution, rapid re-soiling, and potential mold issues. Imagine what the last person who rented the machine soaked up! Angelo’s keeps all of our machines cleaned and properly maintained.

Putting something on top of the stain

Putting something on top of the stain until you have time to address it later.

The stain will get even worse if something heavy is placed on top of it and worse, it may spread the stain.

certified carpet technicians

The biggest mistake is not calling Angelo’s!

For a cleaner, longer-lasting carpet, have it professionally cleaned regularly by our certified technicians following the latest IICRC standards, maintenance protects your investment. We make it easy to contact the experts at Angelo’s Cleaning – call us for personal service – all numbers ring to all locations for faster service.
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