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5 Reasons Why Snow May be Ruining Your Carpets

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5 Reasons Why Snow May be Ruining Your Carpets

    1. SNOW comes in on shoes and boots and makes it’s way onto your carpet! Take an extra precaution and keep a small mat or rug next to the door to wipe off shoes – or – better yet, take shoes off to prevent melted snow from ruining your rugs!
    2. ICE on streets can be a hazard outside & in! Crews are out in force spreading salt and brine to roads and sidewalks. This undoubtedly will come in on your shoes. Salt can damage the fibers in carpets, stain them and cause discoloration.
    3. KIDS love snow! Sledding, snowball fights, snowmen make the winter season enjoyable… make some rules about taking boots off
    4. FREEZING RAIN is heavier and more drenching than your normal spring shower. Keep wet clothes off of rugs.
    5. MITTENS – GLOVES – BOOTS – HATS warm winter wear items can become wet or damp from being outside this winter. Keep a small plastic tray, thick rug remnant, piece of plastic or other surface to keep melted snow from penetrating into wall-to-wall carpets or area rugs. Drying hats and gloves on the radiator is a tradition at many older houses, but make sure that the dripping water does not travel to the rug below.

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