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Serving the Philadelphia, PA area for over 33 years!

We Move Furniture and We will Come Out for as little as One Area. Room sizes up to an incredible 300 sq. ft., Over 300 sq. ft. is considered 2 rooms, Larger than most others offer.

Embarking on the journey to reclaim a fresh living space becomes a necessity, and Angelo’s Professional Carpet Cleaning  service emerges as the essential solution. Bid farewell to persistent smoke, body odor, or urine scents with Angelo’s expertise, designed to not only clean but also get smell out and rid your home of unwelcome odors.

Angelo’s Carpet Cleaning service is your go-to ally in this effort. Their specialized services ensure that upholstery and carpets are not just cleaned but are thoroughly deodorized, leaving your living space revitalized.

Elevate your deodorizing strategy by incorporating Angelo’s professional touch, which goes beyond cleaning to specifically target and eliminate odors. Harness the power of Angelo’s expertise, to neutralize and eradicate unwanted fragrances effectively.

Interested in pet odor removal or other odor removal

Schedule with confidence! Angelo’s Cleaning is your local carpet cleaning service. “If a spot comes back, so do we!” Our services always include our 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee and 6 Month Warranty! (click for details)

We have IICRC and Wool Safe Certified Cleaning/ Care Specialists on our staff as well as 7 certified Master Textile Cleaners. (see “meet our team” for a list of all certifications)

Need carpet repairs

Find out more about the carpet protector that we apply included with our price

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Angelo's carpet cleaning Philadelphia, PA area

Carpet Cleaning Prices Include:

* Room sizes up to 300 sq. ft.
* Pre-Spraying powerful treatment on carpet(s) to loosen soiling
* Steam/hot water extraction with 1200 rotation per minute scrub brush (rpm)
* Moving and Replacing Furniture using plastic or foam blocks
* Booties provided when requested
* Clean Edges of dust and debris. Dark edges need extra scrubbing and extraction $30. per room
* Removal of most spots
* ADVANCED CARPET PROTECTOR to save you money. Keeps carpet clean longer and cleans up easier.
* Grooming carpet to remove footprints (if cut pile)
* Free bottle of Angelo’s Spot Out (spot remover) with service by request.
* Follow-up email or text to ensure complete satisfaction and to ask for a review.

Residential Room Prices Up to 300 sq. ft. With Carpet Protection

Number of RoomsEmpty RoomFurnished Rooms
1 Room$112.50$125.00
2 Rooms$180.00$200.00
3 Rooms$252.00$280.00
4 Rooms$315.00$350.00
5 Rooms$391.50$435.00
6 Rooms$472.50$525.00
7 Rooms$553.50$615.00
8 Rooms$594.00$660.00
9 Rooms$666.00$740.00
10 Rooms$738.00$820.00

$4 per step and $10.00 per stair landing


  • UP TO 25SF= $35
  • 26-50SF= $45
  • 51-100SF= $55
  • 101-200SF= $70


  • $200 PER ROOM (UP TO 300SF)
  • HALLS $75 (UP TO 100SF)
  • OR $125 (101-200SF)

Vacuuming – Add $10.00 per room

**Carpet and Upholstery protection – Included in the price on all carpet & upholstery cleaning

How Much to Clean Commercial Carpet (Available for free estimates)

Square FeetPrice
1 – 1,000 SQFT$0.40 PER SQFT
1,001 – 2,000 SQFT$0.38 PER SQFT
2,001 – 3,000 SQFT$0.36 PER SQFT
3,001 – 5,000 SQFT$0.34 PER SQFT
5,001 – 7,500 SQFT$0.32 PER SQFT
7,501 – 10,000 SQFT$0.30 PER SQFT
10,001 – 15,000 SQFT$0.28 PER SQFT
15,001 SQFT AND UP$0.26 PER SQFT

How often should you clean your carpet and what are the different cleaning methods?

Did you know that most carpet manufacturers recommend hot water extraction cleaning and re-applying carpet protector at least every 18 months to keep your carpet warranty valid?

Angelo’s offers several different carpet cleaning systems coupled with many different cleaners all in an effort to give your particular carpets the best cleaning possible, so let’s take a look at the differences.

Steam/ hot water extraction:

Probably the most widely used. The system uses very little cleaner and mostly water, it offers a deep-down rinsing action with a drying time of 4- 8 hours depending on inside and outside weather conditions. Our system uses a powerful pre-spray to break up dirt and oils, then we use a fiber rinsing agent to remove cleaners and dirt leaving your carpet soft and shiny. Our carpet cleaning equipment applies the rinsing agent, scrubs the carpet, and extracts the dirt and water leaving your carpet just damp to the touch.

Bonnet cleaning:

A dry cleaning system that dries in about an hour, and uses cleaner and less water. This surface cleaning is good for fast cleanings before parties and get togethers, and also good as a regular cleaning for some types of carpets and situations. This system uses a 17-inch 175 rpm floor machine and a cotton or microfiber bonnet that buffs the carpet, leaving it clean & fresh.

Encapsulation cleaning process:

Uses a special formula that actually encapsulates the dirt and is removed every time you vacuum the carpet. It’s amazing how well it works on the right carpet in the right situation. It dries extremely quickly and is applied by either a triple brush system rotating individually and as a whole at the same time or with a bonnet. The prices for the above are all the same.

Dry Powder System:

That system is not used as much; it usually costs more and is less effective. It’s dry within a few minutes. Can be used every day, but needs to be vacuumed thoroughly.

The good news is our technicians are all fully trained in the identification of different carpet types, construction, and installation of your carpets and can help you decide what would be best for you no matter if your carpet is made of natural or synthetic materials.

We also have rug cleaning services as well as wall-to-wall carpet cleaning!


    These folks were wonderful! The turnaround time for having two rugs cleaned was faster than I imagined. The price was reasonable, and I appreciated getting a discount for dropping my own rugs off. I will certainly use them again and highly recommend them. Easy folks to deal with. What a pleasure this was!

Pretreatment (for steam cleaning synthetic carpet)- Chemeister Grease Eraser-  One of the most popular traffic lane pre-conditioners on the market! A unique blend of penetrating detergents, Grease Eraser is excellent on the heaviest restaurant grease or for use as an everyday pre-spray. Grease and soils are completely emulsified and rinsed freely from carpet fibers for the cleanest possible clean. MSDS sheet

Pretreatment/ Cleaning Agent (for steam cleaning natural fibers or bonnet/ encapsulation cleaning)- Matrix DSE- Matrix Double Strength Encapsulant attacks all soils commonly found in carpeting. Its unique formula emulsifies them and then, using the latest technology encapsulates the soil for easy removal. MSDS sheet

Rinsing Agent- Matrix All Fiber Rinse- All Fiber Rinse leaves carpets looking their best. It rinses away every trace of dirt and cleaning solution, leaving behind a residue-free carpet that’s squeaky clean, and soft to the touch.  MSDS sheet

Carpet Protection- 3M Scotchgard- Scotchgard™ surrounds carpet and upholstery fibers with an invisible barrier that protects against oil and water-based stains. When spills and accidents do occur, the customer has more time to get the spot up before it becomes a stain – helping ensure the carpet stays looking newer and fresher for longer. Plus, Scotchgard™ helps release stains more easily during professional cleanings, making your job easier too! MSDS sheet