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Carpet Repair Services Can Save Your Carpet!

When that hole in your carpet is not a game anymore we can help! Holes, Rips & Burns may look like a done deal and you may think that your carpet has seen the last of its days, but we have a team that can evaluate & treat your carpet and bring it back to life.

Considering a carpet repair instead of carpet replacement is a question we get asked a lot at Angelo’s Cleaning. If you are in the market for a new carpet, you know just how expensive a replacement can be! And even worse, a wall-to-wall carpet can be a deal-breaker because, unlike a rug, it must be professionally installed. Most carpet cleaning companies are not experts in repair services for carpet. We offer many carpet repair services for homeowners and businesses to make sure that you have extended the life of your carpet to the fullest.

The staff at Angelo’s Cleaning are carpet repair experts, we’ve done over 2,000 patches, color repairs and other carpet repairs in the past 10 years!

How do you know if your carpet can be fixed or needs to be replaced?

Do you know that if your carpet is rippling or bunching and is causing a falling risk – your carpet needs to be restretched? Angelo’s Cleaning has technicians who can re-stretch your carpet for a safe home. Find our carpet re-stretching service here

Follow These 8 Steps to Repair a Carpet with Carpet Patches or Inserts:

  1. Find a remnant piece or pieces to match your carpet – the job is always made easier by finding old remnants or pieces left after the initial carpet installation. If you thought ahead and kept a remnant, lucky you! it would be hard to tell if the carpet was replaced or repaired. If by chance you don’t have a remnant, it is possible to trim the carpet from the back of a closet or underneath a large piece of furniture that will not be moved in the future and do the repair.
  2. Trim a carpet patch – it is very important to use the proper equipment to cut the patches with a professional carpet knife to ensure that it makes a clear outline. After the outline is traced and cut the remnant piece can be fit in the damaged area and installed with the proper adhesive to complete the process.
  3. Pay close attention to the direction of naps when using a carpet patch or insert – simple details like the direction of the carpet nap on both the repair pieces and the room’s carpet should be perfectly aligned. Believe it or not, this simple detail can make a carpet that is identical look completely different in its color!
  4. Trace the damaged area of a carpet to make a template for a carpet patch – a template must be made to outline the damaged areas. This template will be used on the new replacement piece as well as the damaged piece and align perfectly so no gaps are showing or it is not cut too large.
  5. Remove the damaged area of the carpet to replace with a carpet patch or insert – after the damaged area has been traced, a sharp carpet knife is used to cut out the shape. Whether it is a circle, square, or another shape – it will need to be the same. A lot of care should be taken during this process to ensure that the area being trimmed is as small as possible – if the carpet has too large of a damaged area, it may not be with the effort taken to fix and you may have to consider a replacement.
  6. Insert carpet tape on the back of the carpet – the process itself isn’t quite easy. You have to ensure that the tape is well stuck to have lasting results. The tape is cut to length and applied to the back of the existing carpet.
  7. Replace the damaged piece of carpet with the new carpet patch – with the carpet tape in place, the patch has to be carefully fit in on top of the tape. The direction of the carpet nap (as explained previously) needs to be assessed, with the direction in both pieces matching. After placing the replacement piece in, pressure is applied to the area of repair to ensure it fits well. Too much pressure can crush the carpet fibers but an even steady pressure will make it stick well.
  8. Trim the loose carpet fibers – longer carpet fibers may be on the replacement piece and trimming the area will be the final step in assuring uniformity.

Are Bleached Areas on Carpet Repairable?

If your carpet loses its color from bleach, harsh cleaners, or acne medicine, we can restore the color by adding the color that was removed. Spots should be limited to the size of a fist for the best results. Bleaching is different from a normal carpet stain because the carpet’s color has been taken away – a carpet stain is where color has been added to your carpet like an ink stain or pet urine stain.

How to Restore the Color of a Faded or Bleached Carpet:

  • Bleached areas or spots in a carpet – to get a carpet back to its original color, a dye must be selected by an expert who knows how to match the original color. Remember, even a bleached area is not without color in its fibers which means that by adding color, you must think of how the existing color will react to it. This takes expert knowledge to get it right. And there are no do-overs once the dye has been applied.
  • Re-Coloring of a carpet – If you want to recolor, you need to understand that if your original carpeting is yellow and you want it brown, you have to compensate by using dyes of an opposite shade. Also, be aware you can’t tint it a lighter color, you can only go darker.
  • Safety of materials used to restore carpet – Our certified technicians only use products that are safe for the environment, children, and pets. Plus, these dyes instantly colorfast to the fibers and cannot be rubbed, walked, or vacuumed off, assuring a lifelong result.

Angelo’s carpet dyeing experts are able to match a color to the fibers in your carpet. Carpet discoloration repair is possible and worth a call to our experts before you replace it.

Can sun fading on a carpet be fixed?

If your carpet has been bleached by the sun it may not be possible to restore the carpet back to its original condition. Sun damage usually occurs over a long period of time. The best way to avoid sun bleaching on a carpet is to draw your shades or curtains in the afternoon or in the part of the day that the sun is the brightest and hitting the carpet. Sun damage, like on your skin, is irreversible because it affects the entire carpet. Some areas closer to the windows can have significant bleaching and other areas not so much.

The average life of a carpet is twelve years and over a dozen years, there can be many spills. However, with the help of Angelo’s Carpet Repair Services certified specialists, your aging carpet can gain extended life.

Repairs are always far much better than replacements in most cases and this is mainly for the monetary value. Extend the life of your carpet – the friendly staff at Angelo’s Cleaning can answer any questions you may have about our carpet repair service – we are experts in everything carpet! Call us today at 610-935-7557 or email us for a quote or an in-home evaluation and consultation.

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