Carpet Repairs and Rug Repairs

Did you know that in the last ten years Angelo’s Cleaning has performed over 3,000 carpet repairs?

*All repairs subject to a minimum charge  plus sales tax of $150 plus sales tax

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After a couple years of use, carpets can become loose and rippled. Angelo’s can stretch your carpet tightly using our power stretcher and knee kicks. You will be amazed at how much younger your carpet looks! To properly stretch a room the room should be emptied of all furnishings. We understand this could be inconvenient, time consuming and costly so we will try to work with you on this. We price stretching based upon empty and furnished rooms. Please note that there could be additional charges if we have to move heavy or excessive amounts of furniture or open and close any seams. Read some more info about what causes a carpet to wrinkle or how is a carpet stretched


If you have ever had an iron or cigarette burn, or anything not cleanable, carpet inserts are the way to go. Using a piece of leftover carpet or a piece from a closet, we can cut out the bad section and replace it with good carpet. If the replacement piece has no wear, you will notice it in the middle of a worn area, but it will look better than what was there before! Read some more info about how a hole in a carpet can be fixed
* Please call: 610-935-7557 or email for a quote or in home evaluation and consultation.

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 If your carpet loses color from bleach, harsh cleaners, or acne medicine, we can restore the color by adding the color that was removed. Spots should be limited to the size of a fist. * Please call: 610-935-7557 or email for a quote or in home evaluation and consultation.

seam before repair