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How to tell if you need an Air Duct Cleaning

Does someone in your house have allergies or unexplained allergy symptoms such as wheezing, sneezing, stuffy nose, itchy skin? Has it been years since you remember having your air vents cleaned? Did you just move into a new home or office space and you want to ensure that the air you are breathing is safe? Is your air circulation system older or are the vent covers looking discolored by dirt & dust and grime? These are all good reasons for getting an air duct cleaning. Unsure still whether you need to have this service? Angelo’s Cleaning has a new video inspection system that may shed light on whether a cleaning is needed. Using a camera, we will inspect several of your air ducts to help you make a decision on cleaning. We can also use the camera to inspect your dryer vent for any possible issues/concerns.

Having your vents cleaned will not cure your allergies but it is one step in making sure that your home is as clean as it can be. We never think about all of the systems that are in the background, working hard every day in your home: your heating and cooling systems, dehumidifiers, refrigerators, and other pieces of equipment and parts of your home or business that dutifully run day after day making your life more comfortable, but, like everything, they must be maintained. So, do You Need to Clean Your Air Ducts? Why Yes! Who do you call? Angelo’s.

How to Make You Home Ready for an Air Duct Cleaning

vent cleaning

You’ve been meaning to schedule an air duct cleaning to maintain a healthy home environment and now you have an appointment with Angelo’s! Great – we are ready to come and take care of your vents! So what do you do to make your home or business ready for our professionals to come in and clean? Make sure to clear a path and some space in front of each vent and we will do the rest – easy!

Because air ducts collect a significant amount of dust, dirt, dander and other airborne allergens, Angelo’s, a Pennsylvania NADCA certified air duct cleaning company is here to help remove these contaminants from your home and office space to make the air you breathe healthy.