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Why isn’t my dryer working?

Helpful hint: If the dryer is running and doesn’t get hot, you probably need an appliance repair man. If the dryer gets hot but still doesn’t dry quickly than it is most likely clogged.

Looking for clothes dryer vents cleaners in the Philadelphia suburbs? Unsure about how to clean a dryer vent?

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Dirty Dryer vents can cause your dryer to run hotter and can cause a fire. Have yours cleaned today!dryer vent cleaning

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  • Most Home Associations require annual cleaning of the dryer vent, wisely for you and your neighbors’ safety.
  • Long exhaust runs require cleaning at least annually due to lint build-up
  • Flex Tubing collects a lot of lint and the ridges reduce airflow
  • Vinyl ducts deteriorate (go bad) and have to be replaced
  • Vinyl Flex ducts should never be hidden behind walls or ceilings where they can’t be seen or easily accessible. Broken vinyl ducts leak hot/wet moisture into dark cool places; it’s a playground for mold.
  • Hard smooth pipe should be used, we can usually repair or replace it.
  • Clean dryer vents also save money on energy costs.

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    Daniel Garrison

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There’s a hidden fire hazard in almost every home…it’s the dryer vent!

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Over time, your dryer vent fills with lint that sneaks by your dryer’s filter. Fires can occur when lint builds up in the dryer or in the exhaust duct. Also, without proper coverage on the outside exit of your dryer vent, birds can get into your vent and build their nests. Lint and nests can block the flow of air, cause excessive heat build-up, and result in a fire in some dryers. Isolated incident? Not at all. The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that over 15,000 dryer related fires occur each year causing an estimated 97 million dollars in property loss. Read more about air duct cleaning on our Q & A page

Some facts and figures…

  • Clothes dryers can be found in 81.5 million homes throughout the United States.
  • A full load of wet clothes contains about one half gallon of water. As water is removed lint becomes detached from the clothes and is carried out through the exhaust vent.
  • Clothes dryers are one of the most expensive appliances in your home to operate. The longer it runs the more money it costs you.

Possible causes of dryer fires…

  • Lack of maintenance is the leading cause of dryer fires. Clothes dryers must vent hot air to the outside of the house. If lint builds up in the exhaust vent or inside and around the dryer, it can block the flow of air causing the dryer to perform poorly, raising the operating temperature of the dryer and cause overheating.
  • Placing combustible or improper materials in the dryer, such as clothes that are soiled with volatile chemicals or items like foam-backed rugs and athletic shoes.
  • Insufficient airflow resulting from improper installation or crushed exhaust vent.
  • Using plastic, vinyl or aluminum foil venting materials.

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Dryer Vent Cleaning Services include the following:

  • We first check your dryer for proper air flow and heat.
  • We then carefully move the dryer out of position and disconnect the hose connected to the dryer from the vent.
  • We clean out the hose, lint trap and the back of the machine itself.
  • We then clean your entire vent run from start to exit using up to 36 feet of flexible cable and a soft nylon brush that spins to loosen the lint and vacuum it out of the vent.
  • If there is any lint from under or behind the dryer, we will vacuum that as well.
  • Once we are sure we have cleaned the entire run, we will reconnect and position the dryer and test the air flow again.
  • You will then receive a follow-up email to make sure you are completely satisfied with our services.

Please note: Dryer vent covers are exposed to outdoor elements which cause the plastic to dry rot and become weak. We do not take responsibility if the dry rotted louvers break during cleaning, as this is a maintenance/ wear item. We can usually replace them for an additional fee. Also, any vents that need birds’ nests or dead animal removal are an additional fee.

 Dryer Vent Cleaning Prices

MINIMUM CHARGES: $150.00 for Dryer Vent Cleaning, if a ladder is needed to reach exhaust vent additional $50 charge applies or it is $200.00 if the dryer is a stack-able unit as this requires 2 technicians

  • 1st floor and basement dryer vents $150.
  • 2nd Floor and roofs are $200.
  • BIRDS NEST REMOVAL: an additional $50.00 charge
  • If necessary or desired, we can  also replace the hose that connects the dryer to the exhaust vent and install
    • 4ft HOSE: an additional $20.00 charge
    • 8ft HOSE: an additional $30.00 charge
  • NEW VENT COVER/ FLAPS/ BIRDCAGE: an additional$50.00 charge (Includes removal of old and installation of new)
  • REMOVE CHASSIS TO CLEAN INTERIOR OF DRYER: an additional $75.00 charge
  • Blower Booster fans in the middle of a vent run is $25.
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  • Minimum Charges – Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning $150.00.  Call today for more information! 610-935-7557

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