Angelo’s Carpet Cleaning FAQ’s

  1. What is the approximate drying time for carpet cleaning?
    When dry cleaning, the carpet may be damp so limit traffic for about an hour. For steam cleaning, we ask you to wait about 4 to 8 hours.
  2. Aren’t truck mounts more powerful for carpet cleaning?
    The question should be aren’t truck mounts too powerful? Some truck mounts can be so powerful they can push soiling into padding, not to mention the hoses may be too long and not have any suction behind them. This could cause soil to be left in your carpet.
  3. What is the average wait for scheduling a carpet cleaning?
    We ask customers’ to give us a call at least a week in advance because this will leave the schedule pretty free and they can pick their time, but we can usually service them within a few days.
  4. Do you guarantee your work?
    Yes we guarantee our work (click to read more)! If there is any dissatisfaction with the work we have provided, we’ll gladly come take care of it (with pet odor there’s a 50/50 chance any odor may have soaked into the padding, if that’s the case you may want to consider replacement).
  5. Do you have a minimum?
    We do have a minimum to come out to location; it’s generally $150-$200 plus sales tax.
  6. How long have you been in business?
    Our company has been servicing local communities since 1989.
  7. How long will a carpet cleaning job take?
    This will vary on the size and conditions of the job; for instance 1 rm could take anywhere from a half an hour to an hour and a half.
  8. What does carpet protection do?
    When a carpet is cleaned it does remove some of the protection that comes with the carpet, that is why we reapply it with our cleaning services. Carpet protector makes general cleaning easier and prevents from staining. Keep in mind the more traffic the area gets; the faster the product wears off.
  9. In the phone book why are you listed as being in other cities when you’re located in Phoenixville?
    We have 5 locations, In Phoenixville, Pottstown, West Chester, Conshohocken and Broomall, PA. All the phone numbers call to all locations. We service those areas quite a bit, and this is for you (the customers) convenience.
  10. What are your hours?
    We’re open weekdays from 8am-5pm and Saturdays from 8am-1pm.
  11. Are the carpet cleaning chemicals Angelo’s Cleaning uses harmful?
    The cleaning agents we use are safe and biodegradable.
  12. When I bought my carpet, the salesman said I should not clean my carpet but it needs it, what should I do?
    Unfortunately, the carpet retailers (the people who sell your carpet) are not as informed about the products that they sell as they should be. If they were, they would know that most carpet manufacturers (the people that make your carpet) recommend steam cleaning/ hot water extraction and the re-application of carpet protection for your carpet every 12-18 months to keep your carpets clean and keep warranties in effect. The manufacturers know that this will help your carpet to last longer. I wonder why someone would make such a large investment for their home, when they are told they can’t clean them.
  13. Why do my carpets get dirty faster after they are cleaned? There are several reasons for this. First, if the carpet was not cleaned as often as it should be, it could have excessive soiling that could not all be removed in one cleaning; it may take several cleanings to remove the soil. An example would be if you ever have to wash your clothes more than once in the washing machine. Carpet can’t be put into a washing machine where it can be submerged in water, agitated, and spun. Carpet has to be cleaned on the ground fighting gravity. Sometimes you can remove the soil from a spot but leave a sticky residue that attracts new soil quickly. If you notice a spot in the same place a week or two later, this is probably a residue. The solution is to clean the spot and remove the residue. Wicking occurs when a spot is removed on the surface of the carpet but not at the bottom or base of the carpet. Then, when the spot dries, it pulls the soil from the bottom of the carpet to the top, making it look like the spot was never removed. The solution is to clean the spot again while leaving it as dry as possible.
  14. Why should I clean my carpet? Carpet can hold dirt and germs that you may never see, beside the obvious that carpets get visually dirty and spills can become harder to remove. Gritty soil particles will cause abrasions to (cut at) the carpet fibers, wearing your carpet away. Even if you hardly walk on the carpet air pollutants, dust, cooking grease, etc. can get trapped in the carpet. This is why the recommended cleaning and re-application of carpet protection of every 12-18 months should be adhered to, and even more often if you have children or pets.
  15. I heard you should never use water on your carpet?
    Universally water is the most effective way to clean most things. You wash your car, clothes, and self etc., with water.
  16. Is my carpet going to stretch or shrink if you clean them?
    Most carpets these days are synthetic (plastic) fibers from top to bottom and typically don’t shrink. Even if you have a carpet made of wool or have jute backing, our equipment minimizes the amount of moisture used and greatly reduces the risk of this happening. Occasionally, moisture and humidity from cleaning can cause carpets to buckle or ripple during the cleaning process. If there were no ripples present prior to cleaning, the carpet will flatten again within a few days. This is generally random and sporadic with no rhyme or reason. Once the humidity goes does down, so do the ripples. Please do not be alarmed. Keep in mind, we can also stretch carpet!
  17. Will my padding get wet and ruin my wood floors?
    When our equipment is used properly, the backing of the carpet will not get wet, which means the padding nor wood would be effected.
  18. How should I spot clean my carpet, or what should I use?
    We offer a free spot remover with our cleaning services. It is a neutral cleaning agent safe for all wet cleanable textiles. You can see our spot removal tips on our carpet cleaning page for in home remedies.
  19. Where is Angelo’s Cleaning business located?
    The main office is located in Phoenixville, Pa, but we service approximately a one-hour radius please view our locate a carpet cleaning service page.
  20. How do I get the square footage for any area?
    Measure the length of the area and the width of the area and multiply them. Example; a room 9ft wide x 10ft long is 9×10= 90 sq ft.
  21. How do I get a square yard?
    Divide the total square footage by nine. Example; 90 sq ft is 90 divided by 9= 10 sq yds.
  22. What is a linear foot?
    It is a straight line, such as the fringes on a 9×12 rug. The fringes from one side to the other is 9 ft, that is 9 linear ft per side.

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