Angelo’s Cleaning can bring your floor back to life, whether you have Wood, Vinyl, Tile & Grout, Marble or other Stone floors.

Wood Floors – we have 2 options:

1. Deep clean wood floor and buff polyurethane to as much shine as it will give.

2. Deep clean wood floor, Apply wood paste wax and then buff to a shine

Vinyl Flooring –

We can strip off all old finish from vinyl, then seal and apply new wax, this will make the floor look like new again.

Tile & Grout –

We scrub tile and grout with an acid solution removing any build up or stains, then rinse the floor thoroughly and let it dry. Finally, we seal the grout so it’s easier to maintain.

Marble and other Stone Floors –

We scrub and clean the floor and thoroughly rinse it, Then depending on exactly what type of stone we have different coatings we put on to seal them and/or make them shiny.