Hard wood floor cleaning service

Hard wood Floor Cleaning

Angelo’s Floor Care Specialists have brought many hardwood floors back to life!

Polishing to a shine! Is your hardwood floor dull or hazy??

We clean polyurethane and natural waxed wood floors.

In the past 10 years, Angelo’s Cleaning has cleaned over 350,000 sq. ft. of hardwood floors!

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Polyurethane Wood Floor Cleaning

On the market today, there are many Wood Floor Care Products. Some are not meant to be used regularly and have to be removed before using again or they will cause your floor to look hazy or cloudy and not as it should.

The most common Products are Orange-Glo Wood Floor Refinisher, Pledge Wood Floor Care, and Bona Wood Floor Rejuvenator. These products are actually polymer-based products similar to floor wax. These products actually have to be stripped off just like wax gets stripped off of a vinyl floor, and then reapplied for it to work properly.  Otherwise, the floor will start looking dull and hazy.

If you have used these products or something similar, your wood floor probably doesn’t look as good as it used to. There also may be a reason this product was initially applied, such as to hide imperfections or even damaged areas. Once the coating product is removed, previous damage can be revealed, and prior imperfections exposed. If your floor has a coating on it, whether you know it or we discover it, your floor must be stripped to remove the coating. Most professionals would tell you the only way to remove these coatings is to sand the floor and in some cases this is true. In most cases, we can remove the product without the hassle and expense of sanding and refinishing the floors.                                             

Natural Wood Floor Cleaning and Polishing

Natural wood floors need to be deep cleaned, fresh paste wax applied, and buffed to a shine every so often to keep them looking their best. We use a 17 inch, 175 rpm floor machine with a scrubbing pad to clean and a soft white pad to buff the floors. We use a clear paste wax and/or liquid finishes in colors such as Golden Oak, Mahogany, Walnut, and Dark Walnut to help restore areas with color loss.



Before and After Cleaning Services

wood floor before cleaning

wood floor after cleaning

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  • Betty J
    Betty J

    The crew arrived early to shampoo carpets, tile floors and hardwood floors. They did an exceptional job! They worked on a stubborn wood floor area until it was restored to their satisfaction and ours. I would recommend them highly as all of our flooring looks brand new!

What To Expect When We Clean Your Hardwood Flooring.

Our technicians will walk through the cleaning job with you to make sure we know exactly what work is to be done and we will tell you exactly how much it will cost. At any time you may ask for an estimate of the many services we offer.

Wood Floor Cleaning services include all of the following at no additional charge:

  • We will sweep or vacuum your wood floors to remove debris
  • Next, using a 17 inch, 175 rpm floor machine and/ or multi-wash floor machine with two soft nylon brushes rotating against each other, we clean your wood floor using our dual cleaning process to remove contaminants and leave your floors residue-free.
  • Then apply a wood paste wax, if applicable
  • Finally, we buff the floor to a shine
  • In a day or two, you will receive a follow-up email to make sure you are completely satisfied with our services, and of course, our 30-day guarantee is included. “If a spot comes back, so will we!”

*Furniture moving is not included in the pricing and may be an additional charge.


Minimum Charge: $150.00 plus sales tax   

If a “glow” floor shining product has been applied to the floor or any sort of product buildup or residue:

  1. Strip, Deep Clean and Buff: $1.50-$2.00+ per square foot
  2. To apply a coating of urethane to add some shine and protection after the above process is an additional $0.50 per square foot (Total $2.00-$2.50+ per square foot)

If the floor has a coating or residue, we recommend an in-home evaluation prior to scheduling so we can do a test spot to see what kind of results will be achieved and what is needed for removal then give a written proposal based on findings.

No floor shining or other product build-up or residue to remove:

Deep Dual Clean and Buff: $1.00 per square foot                                                

NATURAL WOOD FLOORS (no polyurethane coating or pre-finish):

Minimum Charge: $150.00 plus sales tax     

Deep Dual Clean, Apply Paste Wax, & Buff: $1.25 per square foot

*Furniture moving not included in cleaning prices and may be an additional charge*

Basic Coatings Intensive Floor Treatment: Its formula offers deep, intensive cleaning to remove the toughest dirt and grease in restaurants and household waxes, oils, and polishes. safety data sheet

Basic Coatings Squeaky:  Tough on dirt, and gentle on floors, Squeaky is an excellent commercial-grade cleaner for all wood and laminate floors. Its formula boasts environmentally safe properties and will clean without leaving a dulling residue. safety data sheet 

Basic Coatings Hardwood Floor Refinisher: Revitalizes finished (polyurethane) wood floors by adding a coat of urethane to protect and shine.

Minwax Paste Finishing Wax: Cleans, Protects, and adds luster to natural (no polyurethane) wood.

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