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Is It Better to Hire a Local Professional vs DIY?

It is common knowledge that you can easily rent a carpet cleaning machine from a local grocery store or Home Depot or Lowes, but is it worth doing so? This is what we think.

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Rug doctors carpet cleaning machines don’t have adequate suction and most people who rent them use more detergent than they need in the machine or do not use it properly. This leaves a sticky soapy residue in the carpet and it gets dirty much faster because of it, or worse leaving the carpet too wet. So, in the end, you will be using this machine a lot more than you ever wanted to!

Let’s take a look at the cleaning agents you have to buy for those machines… are they safe for your home? Are they toxic to your kids, to your pets?  Angelo’s uses kid and pet-friendly cleaning agents.

Should I have a professional clean my carpets, or would a rented carpet cleaner be sufficient?

Those rented machines have to be lugged from the store into your car and then to your home. Heavy but you want to do this project yourself so you take the plunge and get it inside, set it up and start. But how do you know if this machine is really doing everything it should be to thoroughly clean, deodorize?

We know the difference because we hear it again and again from satisfied customers! The difference can be undeniable between a rented machine and what a professional’s machine can do, Remember our professional carpet cleaning machines are fully maintained and serviced to make them strong and efficient. Your carpets will smell and look brand new. It will take a fraction of the time it would have taken for you to lug that machine and take the day cleaning your carpets for a pro to come in and do it.  You’ll save hours and take it off your to-do list.

Next up, trying to find a good cleaning company. Follow this advice:

  • Read yelp reviews (we have 21 5-star reviews on yelp) &  facebook reviews in your area to find 5-star carpet cleaners
  • Call them and make sure to ask for final pricing for deep cleaning. Ask them if there are extras – make sure to talk to a real “live” person
  • Ask if they stand by their service
  • Are they CRI certified?
  • Do they have a Better Business Burea accreditation? Angelo’s is an A+

Hiring a local Carpet Cleaning Company vs a National chain

Stanley Steemer and Sears among many other national chains have ads everywhere! You see them on tv, the happy couple admires the carpet that was covered in mud or the dog that ruined the carpet and now lays happily on the freshly cleaned one. These companies spend a huge amount of money on advertising and are relying on quotas from the service technicians. Those technicians are trying to upsell you with extras that you may not need. So, unfortunately, you get a better salesman than a cleaning expert.

Stanley Steemer and Sears specials are “foot in the door” prices. They will try to upsell you or do the job as fast as possible to reach their maximum quotas for the day.

There are carpet cleaners who meter in detergents in their rinse solution line as a means to get in and out quicker–instead of pre-spraying beforehand and doing a good quality job.

At Angelo’s Cleaning, we always do deep cleaning, we are honest and we never upsell. In fact here is exactly what we provide for every carpet cleaning.

We are always punctual, informative, polite and friendly – just look at our reviews! But where we really shine is our knowledge, our staff includes 6 IICRC Certified Master Textile Cleaners and we service condo/ apartment buildings including high rise buildings.

We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and professional results. Did you know that within the last 10 years we’ve performed over 52,000 jobs and have over 10,500 current active customers! We are one of the few carpet cleaning companies in the area with longevity; Angelo’s Cleaning has been in the carpet cleaning business since 1989.

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