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You may have just moved into a new house or apartment or have lived in your home for many years. We walk on our carpets everyday and  do not give them a second thought, but when your carpet is starting to look worn or, worse, smell old and musty, do you replace it? There are some carpets that are made to last for only a few years and others that can last for 20 or 30, but sooner or later you will come to the day when your carpet is destined for the trash and it will need to be replaced.

So how do you know when it is time to replace carpet?

Here are a few ways you can determine whether or not your old carpet is still worth keeping and will revive with a professional carpet cleaning or if it is time to start thinking about purchasing a new carpet.

  1. Is your carpet compressed or matted down?

    It happens to the best of them! Carpets, especially in a hallway or on a well-traveled stairway are notorious for matting down from wear and tear. A Polyester carpet that is compressed or showing a trail of matted carpet fibers  has little chance of resurgence –  they are not very resilient. Once the carpet’s tuft lays down it will never return to its original standing position. If this happens and you have tried having your carpet cleaned professionally and it still does not bounce back (or up ;)-) it is time to rip out and replace!

    A popular type of carpet is looped Berber carpet made from Olefin. Berber rugs are quite resilient but after many years, if their once upright loops, now lay flat, or if the olefin fibers are stained, it is a possibility that it is time to retire it. If your Berber carpet is made from olefin and is over 5 years old, is matted down and, stained and dingy, then it may be time to think about replacing your carpet.

    Berber rugs made from strands of nylon are much better at resisting matting, are more importantly, stain resistant. This increases their lifespan. If your Nylon Berber carpet is less than 10 years old, then more than likely a professional cleaning can quite easily rejuvenate your old carpet.

    BUT, there is better news for owners of Nylon carpets, if they appear the matted, your problem may just be remedied with a professional cleaning.  A nylon carpet is known to be one of the most resilient fibers and it’s ability to regain some of its “like-new” looks after a thorough cleaning, is encouraging.

  2. Is your carpet permanently stained?

    Stains happen to the best of us – no matter how careful you can be, there will always be a time when something falls or gets dragged in on your feet. Even open windows can slowly let in dust, pollen, dirt and other particles that, over time, can stain a carpet. There is no carpet that’s stain proof. All carpets you find in the stores today have some type of anti-stain treatment applied to it’s fibers or infused within them. An anti-stain treatment that is applied to the surface can wear or wash away over time.  Scotchgard® is a well-known and available anti-stain treatment product that is sprayed on a carpet and re-applied when needed. Angelo’s Carpet Cleaning applies Advanced Carpet Protection which is included in the price of carpet cleaning. This protection saves you both time and money by keeping your carpets cleaner longer and allowing spots to clean up easier.

    Professional carpet cleaners like Angelo’s can remove most of your household stains, but in some cases, they may not be able to eliminate them in their entirety. In fact, many of the best carpet manufacturers maintain a list of types of stains that are not covered in their warranty. These include:  mustard, teas, bleaches, acne medications, plant fertilizers, drain cleaners, – and the list goes on!

    If you can not identify what a stain is or there is a permanent stain like vomit, urine, mold / mildew, etc then your carpet may be deemed a health hazard and most definitely should be replaced. Consult with Angelo’s if you need an expert opinion or advice.

  3. Padding worn out or compressed?

    Carpet Padding is an unseen hero – always keeping your feet cushioned, protecting the floor below from the abrasive underside of the carpet, extending the overall life of your carpet. But, when it fails to provide enough support, or worse, begins to crumble (evident from little pieces of foam appearing on your floor) it could be a good time to replace. Most people will never replace a carpet pad until they replace the carpet that is laying on top of it. This makes sense – especially if your carpet is wall-to-wall carpeting. But if you have an area rug and are noticing the lack of cushioning, then it is highly advisable to replace it – an easy homeowner fix! If you are replacing a carpet and are also purchasing the carpet padding, make sure to get a good quality pad that provides sufficient support and has a lifespan that is equal to the carpeting you select.

To replace carpet or not? Carpeting is a major expense and upgrade to a house. Make sure to weigh your options and maintain your carpet as recommended by the manufacturer.

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