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angelo's cleaning service

When was the last time you cleaned your carpet? If you can’t remember it could be time!

There are tons of carpet cleaning products you can find in your local grocery store but nothing compares to a professional clean.

angelo's cleaning service

Drops & spills, accidents Will Happen!

No matter how much time and effort you spend cleaning your carpet it may not look like it once did. Dirt and stains may eventually happen, and with a family or pets it will happen! Drops & spills, accidents, and of course whatever is coming in from the bottom of your shoes make it onto your carpet.

angelo's cleaning service

Carpet Cleaning Company Near Me

But trying to find a good carpet cleaning company that is reputable can be a challenge and even after all of that work to find one,  how much will it cost?

We all come home after a long day of work and surf the web, what happens when you want to order your carpet cleaning then? No worries! Angelo’s Cleaning has online scheduling that is fast and hassle-free. Not only that… you can get real-time prices and choose from all of our cleaning services.

angelo's cleaning service

Location… location… location…

If you live in and around the Philadelphia Main Line suburbs or across the Delaware Valley, then Angelo’s Cleaning will come out to your home or business. We have 3 locations to serve you better, including West Chester, Conshohocken and Phoenixville, Pa.

Check out all of our service areas here or call our friendly office:

 610-935-7557 (Phoenixville)
 610-436-6666 (West Chester)
 610-265-5116 (Conshohocken)

What About Carpet Cleaning Reviews

We have them – lots of them! Whether you are searching on Angie’s List, google, home advisor, facebook or Yelp, you will see TONS of 5-star reviews. Angelo’s Cleaning is a family-owned business since 1989.

angelo's cleaning service

Our Mission

Our mission is to make cheerleaders out of our customers!

angelo's cleaning service