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What To Expect When We Clean Your Tile & Grout Surfaces

Angelo’s Cleaning Technicians are your IICRC floor care specialists in King of Prussia, Pa. We have a variety of specific floor equipment and specially formulated cleaning agents and grout cleaners for all types of tile & grout surfaces.

Our technicians will walk through the cleaning job with you to make sure we know exactly what work is to be done and we will tell you exactly how much it will cost. At any time you may ask for an estimate of the many services we offer.

If your floors are natural or organic stone, such as marble, limestone, or slate, click here for our Stone Tile cleaning and polishing services or call 610-935-7557 to schedule your in-home evaluation and consultation.

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In the past 10 years, Angelo’s Tile and Grout Cleaning King of Prussia, PA. has cleaned and restored over 284,258 square feet of ceramic, porcelain, and other synthetic tile and grout surfaces!

multiwash-scrubber for clean tile and grout floors in King of Prussia, PA

Tile and Grout Cleaning Service Include:

  • We just ask that you have the area emptied for us.
  • We will sweep or vacuum the area.
  • Then we will scrub your floor and grout with a high pH floor cleaner specifically designed to remove heavy soiling and grease and our 17 inches 175 RPM rotary floor machine with our floor scrubbing brush to get deep into grout lines and release soiling.
  • Hand scrub the edges.
  • Then an additional cleaning using our multi wash cylindrical floor scrubbing machine which scrubs your floors at 650 RPM’s with brushes designed for your floors while rinsing and extracting out soiling from deep in the grout lines.
  • In the case that your grout is heavily soiled and light in color, we offer an additional low pH grout cleaning solution to expose a fresh layer of grout.
  • Then give a final clean water neutralizing rinse to ensure its completely clean and residue-free.
  • Apply a penetrating grout sealer to protect your grout, make cleaning easier and staining less likely.
  • You will then receive a follow-up email to make sure you are completely satisfied with our services, and of course, our 30-day guarantee is included “If a spot comes back, so will we!”

Furniture moving is not included in our pricing, additional charges may apply!

tile and grout floors in King of Prussia, PA TILE AND GROUT BEFOREtile and grout cleaning King of Prussia, PA clean tile and grout floors in King of Prussia, PA

Tile and grout floors have grout lines that often need extra attention due to being porous, slightly lower than the floor tiles, and tend to be lighter in color. Our service includes a deep scrubbing and cleaning, rinsing, and sealing of the tile and grout. If the grout is a light color and heavily soiled we can do an additional grout whitening process which will expose a fresh layer of grout. Read why you should hire a professional to clean your tile grout.

  • Morgan Buto
    Morgan Buto

    They came out and cleaned my tile grout, hardwood flooring and duct vents. Both gentlemen were very friendly and professional. They arrived on time and completed all of the jobs within 3 1/2 hours. Someone had come out ahead of time to give me an estimate and everything was fairly priced. I was very pleased with the service and how everything came out. Would definitely recommend this place! I plan on calling them for my dryer vent and carpets in a couple months. Job well done!

Porcelain and Ceramic Tile & Grout Cleaning Services: $150 Minimum Charge

  • STEP 1 HIGH PH CLEANING AND SEALING: $1.00 per square foot for Floors OR $2.00 per square foot for Shower Stalls, Walls, Etc.
  • STEP 2 LOW PH CLEANING & 2ND HIGH PH RINSING: an additional $0.50 per square foot for Floors OR $1.00 per square foot for Shower Stalls, Walls, Etc.

Furniture moving is not included in our pricing, additional charges may apply!

 Unitex Daily Clean Neutral Floor Cleaner- Its neutral formula is gentle on all surfaces but tough on dirt and grime without dulling or leaving a haze or film. Plus, it enhances glossy floors and other hard surfaces, boosting the natural shine. safety data sheet
Unitex Sledgehammer Plus Floor Stripper- non-ammoniated, alkaline floor cleaner and stripper designed to remove heavy soiling and finishes from resilient and non-resilient surfaces. safety data sheet
Unitex Problem Solving Baseboard Stripper- non-ammoniated, alkaline floor stripper that melts finish buildup and soil from baseboards, corners, edges, and hard-to-reach areas of floors. This foaming stripper penetrates and lifts away from the old finish with a precision nozzle to target problem areas. safety data sheet
Diversey Easy Paks Neutralizer- contains a special counteractant formula that neutralizes alkaline residues after floor stripping. safety data sheet

Unitex Basis Acrylic Floor Sealer- provides long-lasting levels of durability and permanency to treat resilient or non-resilient floors. This sealer help to fill in some of the pits, grooves, and pores and provides a good surface for the finish to adhere to. safety data sheet

Unitex Reflection Urethane Acrylic Floor Sealer/ Finish- This water-based, urethane sealer/finish revolutionizes the way hard surface floors are sealed. The combination of urethane and three other polymers fortify Reflection to be exceptionally durable and abrasion-resistant. Ideal for a high-profile wet look floor finish. safety data sheet

Unitex Vitalizer One Step Floor Cleaner and Restorer- Formulated for use on resilient and hard floor surfaces in conjunction with high-speed burnishing to leave floors looking refinished. Cleans floors and applies a thin layer finish restorer prior to burnishing for added protection. safety data sheet

Matrix Grout Devil- this highly alkaline, water-based cleaner combined with solvents is specially formulated tile, grout, and hard surface cleaner is designed to dissolve layer after layer of soil and grease buildup, while leaving grout lines clean and bright. safety data sheet

Professional’s Choice Heavy Duty Acidic Cleaner- a fast-acting acidic cleaner designed to remove grout haze from ceramic and porcelain tile surfaces and stains and other embedded dirt and grime from grout by removing a thin, top layer to expose a fresh, new layer of grout.  safety data sheet

Zep Grout Cleaner & Whitener-  acidic cleaner specially formulated to clean and remove stains from even the dirtiest white or very light-colored grout lines by removing a thin, top layer to expose a fresh, new layer of grout.

Professional’s Choice 511 Spray-on Grout Sealer- penetrates into the grout and forms an invisible barrier that is resistant to moisture, soiling, and stains, while allowing vapor to escape. safety data sheet

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