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mold spores in vents

Did you know that you should clean your air vents?

In the past 10 years, Angelo’s Cleaning has cleaned over 22,700 vent openings!
AND we have cleaned over 800 air duct systems!

Schedule with Confidence knowing that we are NADCA Certified Air Systems Cleaning Specialists. We have over 32 years of experience providing the best home and business cleaning solutions in PA.

Clean air ducts are the foundation for good indoor air quality. As a homeowner or business owner, do you want to breathe in unclean indoor air?

Did you know that the air inside your home can be four to five times more polluted than the air outside? The E.P.A. states that indoor air pollutants like bacteria, mold spores,  viruses, allergens, dust, pet hair, dander, and dirt are all contaminants that can cause respiratory diseases and infections, most notably in children and the elderly.

Learn how Angelo’s can help you improve your indoor air quality. Over the years, your air ducts can become contaminated and routine HVAC doesn’t remove everything, but an air duct cleaning and sanitizing – using the Rotobrush System is a great way to improve your indoor air quality. Take a look at the below video to see the Rotobrush at work.

As noted on the EPA website:

Some health effects can be useful indicators of an indoor air quality problem, especially if they appear after a person moves to a new residence, remodels or refurnishes a home, or treats a home with pesticides. If you think that you have symptoms that may be related to your home environment, discuss them with your doctor or your local health department to see if they could be caused by indoor air pollution. You may also want to consult a board-certified allergist or an occupational medicine specialist for answers to your questions.

If you are having health issues it is vital to consider that even the air inside your home or business could be affecting you. Routine cleaning can ensure that your home is clean and the air you breathe is too.

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