The secret to finding allergy relief

Many of us feel the symptoms of allergies in the spring or winter months but some have symptoms year-round. Wheezing, itchy eyes, sneezing, sore throat, congestion, it can be terrible. You can blame it on the weather, ragweed, or the tree in the backyard that drops huge amounts of pollen in the spring, but what if the allergies you have are not outside?

Could the problem be in your own home? What is the best way to find allergy relief?

Your home can be a breeding ground of contaminants too small to visibly see. A deep clean always can reduce your symptoms but some of the ways to clean your home are better left to the professionals.

Angelo’s Cleaning can clean the floors you step on, and the air you breathe in, and do a thorough job.

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If you find yourself sneezing constantly, your nose running, or if your eyes, nose, or face feel itchy and uncomfortable, you may have allergic rhinitis – or what is commonly known as hay fever. This condition plagues 40 to 60 million Americans every year.  Winter Allergies Home Treatments may be very effective in cutting down on symptoms.

  • Dust allergies
  • Pet allergies
  • Mold allergies

Mold allergies can occur even in the cleanest of houses.

They are great at hiding in the smallest of spaces, in areas you’d never think to look. There are around 1,000 species of mold living in the US  most are not visible to the naked eye and can be dangerous to your health. These mold spores can become airborne and once they do, they can enter your lungs which causes allergic reactions, especially in people who have mold allergies. Cleaning your home is easy, but cleaning an air vent is something that must be handled by the pros. In today’s airtight homes, Indoor Air Quality is a huge concern. You can clean all day and still your household will contain dust, dust mites, mold, mildew, pollen, and animal dander. Many of these contaminants are circulated through the central air system in modern homes and can aggravate asthma and allergies.

Air duct cleaning helps to eliminate these pollutants and contaminants in your air system and prevent allergens from circulating throughout the home. We are all spending a lot more time in our homes and cleanliness is crucial for our health because we breathe in tiny microscopic air particles that can affect our lungs.

Dust mite allergies sound bad but dust exists in every home.

Some people are immune to dust but others sneeze and itch when it gets even a bit dusty. Dust floats in the air we breathe and settles all over our furniture and our belongings. Wiping it weekly can be a huge help, a moist cloth or dusting rag wipes it away but even as you dust those particles can not all be contained. Vacuuming makes it worse! Try vacuuming on a sunny day and look at the room when a ray of light enters, it is floating everywhere! So what are dust mites? Dust mites are microscopic, eight-legged creatures that are 0.3mm in length and are invisible to the naked eye. It isn’t the dust mite that makes us sneeze, it is the dust mite’s feces that causes the development and aggravation of allergies. And once you have gotten over that awful fact, here’s another one – a dust mite can produce 200 times its own body weight in feces during its short lifetime. Our bedrooms are most at risk. Mattresses contain 60% of the dust mites found in your home. Given that we spend up to one-third of our lives in the bedroom and are exposed to this highly potent allergen for long periods of time, the bedroom is the number one treatment priority! We have a mattress cleaning service that can help you recover from these facts.

We have some great Tips for Reducing Indoor Allergens including how to keep your home clean.

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    Great job done! Carpets well cleaned & smelled good too. Great service. Thank you!