Commercial and Residential Vinyl Tile Cleaning

What To Expect When We Clean Your Vinyl Tile Floors

Angelo’s Cleaning Technicians are your IICRC floor care specialists. We have a variety of specific floor equipment and specially formulated cleaning agents for all types of flooring.

Waxed vinyl floors such as V.C.T. need to have the old wax and dirt removed and clean, new fresh wax applied to give it that like new appearance, we have to use a wax stripping agent to melt the old wax, clean that all up so we refer to this as stripping.

Our technicians will walk through the cleaning job with you to make sure we know exactly what work is to be done and we will tell you exactly how much it will cost. At any time, you may ask for an estimate of the many services we offer.

In the past 10 years, Angelo’s Cleaning has cleaned over 328,143 sq. ft. of vinyl/ VCT flooring!

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Vinyl Tile Cleaning Service Includes:


  • We will sweep or vacuum the area to remove debris
  • Then we will remove all the old wax/ finish and soil with a heavy-duty floor stripping solution, our 17 inch 175 RPM rotary floor machine, and high productivity floor stripping pads.
  • Scrub the edges (often by hand)
  • Extract your floors to rid of all finish and soil
  • Then give a final clean water neutralizing rinse to ensure the floor is completely clean and residue-free
  • Apply two to three coats of highly durable, urethane floor finish, leaving your floors clean, shiny, and protected
  • You will then receive a follow-up email to make sure you are completely satisfied with our services, and of course, our 30-day guarantee is included “If a spot comes back, so will we!”
  • We just ask that you have the area emptied for us.

Furniture moving is not included in our pricing, additional charges may apply!

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  • Morgan Buto
    Morgan Buto

    They came out and cleaned my tile grout, hardwood flooring and duct vents. Both gentlemen were very friendly and professional. They arrived on time and completed all of the jobs within 3 1/2 hours. Someone had come out ahead of time to give me an estimate and everything was fairly priced. I was very pleased with the service and how everything came out. Would definitely recommend this place! I plan on calling them for my dryer vent and carpets in a couple months. Job well done!

VINYL TILE/ VCT FLOORS: Minimum charge $200

  • 160 square feet or less: $200 minimum charge
  • 161 square feet – 1,000 square feet.: $1.75 per square foot (if there are multiple small spaces such as doctor exam rooms, this will be the charge no matter the total square footage beyond the minimum)
  • Areas 1,001 square feet and up.: $1.50 per square foot

(Heavy soil or wax build up may be an additional charge)

– Wax build up on baseboards and/ or edges: additional $0.50 per linear foot

– Daily Clean Neutral Floor Cleaner: $15 per gallon for customer purchase to use to help maintain floors

Clean, Vitalize and High Speed Buff/ Burnish: $150 minimum charge (up to 600 square feet)

  • 601 – 1,000 square feet: $0.25 per square foot
  • 1,001 square feet and over: $0.20 per square foot

Furniture moving is not included in our pricing, additional charges may apply!

When Vinyl Composite Tile or V.C.T. is first installed, it needs to cure for a minimum 7 days, then it should be professionally finished to give it protectio

n and shine. This requires a light stripping to remove any soiling and factory finish (just to protect tile during installation), a thorough rinsing, and then apply sealer and a couple coats of floor finish depending conditions.

These floors should be swept clean of all dirt and debris regularly to prevent scratches and abrasions in the finish. The sweeping should be followed by a moping using a neutral floor cleaner. (Do not use any high ph alkaline cleaners, such as but not limited to, ammonia, top job, greased lightening, bleach and bathroom cleaners. These products will remove the finish.) You may use a scrub brush to help remove dirt from any nooks, crannies or crevices. Never use any scrubbing pads that are course enough to scratch or remove finishes. If you notice where the spot was on the floor starting to dull, do not proceed with scrubbing that area, you are removing the finish.

If scratches or abrasions do occur in the finish, dirt and debris can get trapped cau