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Black Marble

Stone Tile Cleaning Services

Marble, Granite, Onyx, Limestone, Flagstone, Slate, Terrazzo, and Travertine

Stone Polishing Services also available!

In the past ten years Angelo’s Cleaning has cleaned and restored over 100,000 square feet of natural stone Tile surfaces!

We use specific stone cleaning procedures and products designed to remove damaging soil and residual contaminants. Allowing your stone surface to keep its natural shine. Following the cleaning procedures, we will apply a penetrating sealer to add continuous protection to your stone surface. These stones tend to be softer and more porous in nature. If your floor is ceramic, porcelain or any other synthetic material, please click here for our tile and grout cleaning services page!

Marble, Granite, Onyx & Limestone floors should be polished regularly to maintain the shine and avoid the expense of a major re-honing. We offer different diamond encrusted polishing grit pads to bring out the best look your stone surface can give.

*Please note there is a minimum charge of $150 for this service. Furniture moving is not included in the pricing and may be an additional charge.


    Excellent job and very good to work with.

6 Steps to a Beautiful Stone Surface

Grit Levels:

  1. 200 removes minor scratches
  2. 400 removes etching
  3. 800 polish to matte finish
  4. 1500 starts to bring a shine
  5. 3000 gives a mirror like shine
  6. 11,000 gives it a wet look

To determine the grit levels you would like us to use for your stone surface, consider the current condition and amount of shine you would like to achieve (you can not skip grit levels from starting point to finish):

If your stone is dull, scratched, and/or discolored, you would need grits 200-1500 to work out the damage. If you then want better shine to your stone, you also need 3000 for a semi-gloss shine and 11000 for a high gloss shine.

In the case that there is minimal damage, you can start with 800 grits and work your way up to the shine level you desire.

If your stone has no damage but is duller than you would like, start at 1500 grits and work up to the shine you desire.

If your stone has some shine but you would like it to shine more, choose 3000 and/or 11000 grits to achieve shine that you desire. To maintain shine, use these levels yearly or more often depending on traffic and use.

Natural Soft Stone Surfaces (Such as Marble, Granite, Onyx, Limestone, Terrazzo, Travertine, & Sandstone): Minimum Charge $150


POLISHING/ CLEANING & SEALING FOR SOFT STONE SURFACES (Should be polished on a regular basis to maintain shine and a nice appearance. If you have you Natural Soft Stone polished regularly, you will save money. Since we would then use less grit levels then the initial polishing to bring back the shine. However, if you wait to long between service you will need more grit levels to restore the stone.)

  • Polishing Soft Stone Surfaces: EACH GRIT LEVEL is $1.00 per square foot for Floors (up to $6 per square foot) OR $2.00 per square foot for hand polishing counters, showers, tub surrounds, etc (up to $12 per square foot)
  • Deep Scrubbing/ Cleaning for Natural Soft Stone is $1.00 per square foot for Floors OR $2.00 per square foot for hand scrubbing/ cleaning counters, showers, tub surrounds, etc
  • Penetrating Natural Soft Stone Sealer is $1.00 per square foot

Natural Hard Stone Surfaces (Such as Slate, Flagstone, Terracotta/ Mexican Tile, Concrete & Brick): Minimum Charge $150

STRIPPING/ CLEANING & SEALING OR COATING FOR HARD STONE SURFACES (Should be tested for coatings such as wax/ floor finish and polyurethane. We often cannot completely remove floor finish from these surfaces due to the nature of the stone and typically polyurethane cannot be removed at all. We offer to deep scrub and clean these floors with a high alkaline cleaner to remove as much soiling and surface coating as possible. Then apply a fresh coat of floor finish or penetrating sealer depending on the condition along with the customers’ preference. We carry a variety of stone sealers intended for use on these stones.)

  • Deep Scrubbing/ Stripping for Natural Hard Stone Floors: $1.00 per square foot (heavy build up typically requires more than one stripping and may be an additional charge of $0.50-$1.00 per square foot)
  • Hard Stone Sealer/ Coatings: $0.50-$1.00 per square foot

*We understand there are a lot of variables as well as math and measurements that go into calculating the cost to service your stone. We will gladly evaluate and give you a quote if you prefer, just contact us directly.