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You send them out. They come back shrunken or discolored. Do it yourself. It’s just a big mess and hassle.

Well, that’s what we’re here for! We’ll clean your drapes on-site, with no hassle to you at all. There is no need for removal and rehanging, no bothersome waiting period, and our professional technicians will supply you with the service of royalty.

In the past 10 years Angelo’s Cleaning has cleaned over 11,000 pleats and 600 valances, swags and other window treatments!

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Your Curtains Cleaned While they Hang!

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Angelo’s Cleaning Technicians are IICRC certified Fabric Cleaners. Our staff also includes 3 IICRC certified Master Textile Cleaners!

What To Expect When We Clean Your Window Treatments

The technicians will test an area of your drapes before attempting to clean, just to be sure they will not be affected in a negative manner. After completing this test, your technician will proceed with one of two methods of cleaning:

Dry Cleaning or Dry-Wet-Dry Cleaning

Both procedures require a dry solvent fabric cleaning product. The main difference is that only the dry solvent (waterless) cleaner is applied with the Dry Cleaning method, while the Dry-Wet-Dry cleaning method uses both, a dry solvent cleaner as well as water.

The reason we dry clean drapery before proceeding with wet cleaning, and again afterwards, is because the dry fabric cleaner prevents shrinkage and colors from running. The dry solvent fabric cleaner actually sets the colors.

Now since the Dry-Wet-Dry Cleaning process is a little more involved, there is an extra charge for this which is 1.5 times the prices listed below. In the event that your drapes need this cleaning method, it will be well worth it. If your drapes just aren’t letting in the light they once did, maybe it’s time to get them cleaned. Our company can help!

Window Treatment and Drapery Cleaning services include:

  • We will clear a workspace and lay tarps and/or towels to protect your flooring and surrounding surfaces.
  • While your drapery hangs, we apply a safe dry solvent cleaning solution.
  • Then we gently extract the solution and soil from the fabric leaving it clean and vibrant.
  • You will receive a follow-up email to make sure you are completely satisfied with our services within a few days.
  • We just ask that you clear the area we will be working in.

Kleenrite All Dry Cleaning Solution- Formulated with safe, effective solvents and soluble detergents. Safe for all fabrics. Dries residue free. Non-toxic and Biodegradable. safety data sheet

Please note: the dry cleaning solution does have an odor and could take a few days to dissipate. 

Drapery and Window Treatment Cleaning While Hanging at Customer’s Location

*We Do Not Take Drapery Down or Off Site Nor Do We Hang Drapery

  • B. Bentley
    B. Bentley

    They arrived on time, they did a good job And they didn't try to upsell me like Stanley Steamers Always does. I highly recommend these guys!

Commercial and Residential $150 Minimum Charge

  • Pleated Drapery and Curtains
    • Unlined Pleated Drapes: $3.50 per pleat
  • Lined Pleated Drapes: $5.00 per pleat
  • Sheer Pleated Drapes: $3.00 per pleat
  • Panels (no pleats): $5.00 per foot (measure at the bottom from left to right/ width)

The Above Prices are for Standard Lengths (up to 8 feet), Longer Lengths will be an Additional Charge!

Valances (box, swags, jabot, etc)

or any other window treatment that doesn’t fit anything above is measured left to right (width) then top to bottom (length). Every 6 inches in length is $5.00 times the width measured in feet. Example: 18 inches in length (top to bottom) is $15.00 times 5 feet wide (left to right) would be $75.00.

*We understand there are a lot of variables as well as math and measurements that go into calculating the cost to clean your drapery. We will gladly evaluate and give you a quote if you prefer, just contact us directly.

Our Service Areas:

We serve the Philadelphia PA suburbs and surrounding communities!

View our list of local towns to see all of the areas we service.

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