How to Prepare For Our Visit


At Angelo’s, we strive to make sure every customer is as satisfied as possible before we leave.  One thing about our company is that we will move most basic furniture with no extra charge with our carpet cleaning services.  However, if there is an extreme amount of furniture, or if there are things that are large or breakable, you are subject to an extra charge.  Our technicians will not automatically charge you.  They will inform you before moving the furniture, this way you have the option of refusing this service. Please advise our technicians about any special concerns you have about your furniture before they move it, such as weak legs, or loose parts. On smaller jobs, we will send only 1 cleaning technician unless you request an additional technician be sent to perform your services.


When we arrive, we will review the services you ordered with you and go over all prices and questions or concerns you may have. Payment is expected at the time our services are rendered.

We want you to know that we will move and replace most furniture placing plastic tabs or foam blocks underneath the legs or base. We don’t move large or breakable items- such as China Cabinets, Grandfather Clocks, Pianos and we ask that you pick up smaller items such as chairs, lamps, plants and breakables. We do offer pre-scrubbing for heavily soiled and/or spotted carpets, a disinfectant to sanitize the carpet and of course, advanced carpet protection.

  • Please vacuum thoroughly before we arrive. If we have to vacuum the carpet prior to cleaning it, there is an additional charge.
  • Tie up floor length drapery so they are at least 6 inches off the floor.
  • Pin up any fabric skirts on furniture.
  • If you would like the carpet under your beds cleaned, please clear out underneath and strip mattress so we can access within the frame. (while mattress is stripped, why not have us clean it) If you prefer us to vacuum under the bed, instead of having to strip it down if it can not be moved, we can provide this service.
  • Please call to our technician’s attention, any areas that may need special attention
  • For your pet’s safety and comfort, please see that they are safely secured in another part of the home.
  • Small children are often curious but, for their safety, please make sure that they are kept a safe distance away to prevent slips or injury.
  • It may not be possible to remove 100% of all pet odors. You may notice a higher than “normal” level of odor due to the increased humidity, this is temporary.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to speak with our technicians.
Has it ever been cleaned before? If yes, was it wet or dry cleaned?

Please notify us when scheduling of your type of upholstery. Especially finer fabrics or materials, such as silk, leather, suede, velvet, etc. This will ensure we have the proper cleaning agents on hand for your specific furniture type.

Please clear an area for us to work.
Sanitizer and Hand Scrubbing of heavily soiled areas are available at an additional charge.

The room should be as empty as possible. If the room will not be empty, we will send extra help and there will be an extra charge.
Rooms should be empty. If not, we will send extra help and there will be an extra charge.
While awaiting our arrival, move anything you can out of the effected area. Don’t attempt to open the carpet seams yourself, unless you are knowledgeable.
Clear the area where the drapes are located and make sure they are hung up. We only clean the drapes while they hang.
The room that is to be stripped, sealed and refinished needs to be as empty as possible.

We offer a neutral floor cleaner (Daily Clean). It works great with the wax that we use. It cleans the floor thoroughly without leaving a residue. Daily Clean is $15.00 + Sales Tax.

We also offer a high speed buff which helps harden the wax on a fresh waxed floor. You will need to wait 24 hours after fresh wax dries to buff. A high speed buff also brings back the shine to a dull looking floor.

Please be aware that the prices to clean a rug are for a ready to be picked up rug. The price does not include moving furniture and rolling it up. We also sell new padding!

Pet odor is not easy to remove from carpet, but it is possible. We have a very high success rate at Angelo’s. Usually a second visit is required to totally remove the odors and spots. The price depends on what needs to be done and the size of the affected area.
We need to have access to all vents (floor and wall openings) and the main Heat & A/C unit.

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