Why Indoor Air Quality is important and How Angelo’s Cleaning can help this winter season

Did you know that dust mites and pet allergens found indoors are one of the leading causes of allergic diseases and people with relatively mild allergies can develop serious, chronic and even life threatening illnesses if they continue to be exposed to these allergens?dirty shoes on carpet

We know how important indoor air quality is to your health and well-being and that of your family. We are your indoor air quality specialists, offering a wide range of services to ensure the quality of your indoor environment is healthy. Feel the Relief by reducing pet and dust mite allergen levels by 90% or more with our professional cleaning services.

Soft textiles in your home, such as carpet, rugs, upholstery, and drapery, act as air filters trapping allergens that need to be cleaned out. Your air duct system circulates your indoor air; bringing it into the system and forcing it back out into your home. Having your air duct system cleaned will ensure the air you are circulating throughout your home is clean air. We provide cleaning services for your air ducts, carpet, upholstery and drapery, along with allergy treatments which all factor into keeping your home a healthy, clean place.

10 Tips for Reducing Indoor Allergens

  1. Shoes off at the door! If not, you are bringing all of the allergens, bacteria and other germs from the outside into your home. The included article link will help you to better understand that what you can’t see can hurt you. Find out what is coming in on your shoes…
  2. Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum.  This cannot be stressed enough. You should vacuum at least twice a week, more often if you have pets. Vacuuming helps rid your carpeting and rugs of dust, dust mite feces, animal hair and dander, human hair and dead skin, mold spores, dead bugs and abrasive – carpet life shortening – sand and soil. Make sure that you use a vacuum cleaner that has a high efficiency HEPA filtering system. We offer Anti-Allergen Treatment for Carpet, Rugs, Upholstery and Mattresses to help with Dust & Pet Allergies.
  3. Don’t sweep your hard surface flooring. Sweeping redistributes allergens to the air. Vacuuming your floors and following up with a damp mop will help keep the air your family breathes cleaner.
  4. Dust with a slightly damp cloth. Even the best microfiber cloths cannot trap all the dust. If you dust on a sunny day and see tiny particles floating in the air, these are dust particles that have now become air born and will settle back onto your hard surfaces and into your soft textiles. Using a damp cloth to trap the dust will prevent these allergens from being released back into the air.
  5. If you have forced air heating and cooling systems, leave the fan switched to on at all times. (This does not mean your heat or a/c is running at all times, just the fan). This will continually circulate the air in your home through the air filters, removing airborne particulates. Make sure that you change your filters regularly. Consider using high-efficiency HEPA air filters. Also,Don’t forget to have your Air Ducts Cleaned!!!
  6. Humidity in your Home should be between 40-60%, this will reduce Virus & Mold Growth plus increase comfort level of your Home. At less than 40% humidity, viruses and bacteria can flourish. At greater than 60% humidity, molds and mildews can grow.
  7. Most People spend one third of their life or more in their bedroom. Drapes act like an Air filter trapping dust, you should have your draperies vacuumed for dust & bugs once a month and cleaned yearly. Your Mattress should be vacuumed monthly to remove dust mites and cleaned every 6 months and treated with an Anti Allergen Treatment. Your Sheets should be changed weekly and washed in the hottest water possible to remove any dust mites.
  8. Carpets should be cleaned & treated with Anti-Allergen Treatment every 6 months. Your carpet also acts as an Air Filter.
  9. Consider using Air Cleaners in bedrooms & family rooms. You can get the kind that has a cleanable filter, you will save money on filters so you will be more likely to use the air cleaner more.
  10. Using any one of these services will lead to better Indoor Air Quality:

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