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Angelo’s cleaning now offers Marble Floor Refinishing and Marble Polishing.

You’ve just bought a house with marble floors and you don’t know how to clean them, or your marble floors have lost their beautiful appearance and look dingy and dull – you’re in luck! Angelo’s Cleaning can bring your marble floors back to life with our marble floor refinishing and polishing service.

Marble and other natural stone floors tend to be softer and more porous in nature. Marble floors should be polished regularly to maintain the shine and avoid the expense of a major re-honing. We offer different polishing grits, depending on the condition of your floor. We offer free estimates; we can come out measure and evaluate the floor and help you determine what polishing grit level we would need to start at. We always start at the lower grit and work our way up to the higher grit level bringing up the shine.

  • 400 grit will remove minor scratches
  • 800 grit removes finer scratches
  • 1500 grit starts to bring a shine
  • 3000 grit gives a mirror-like shine
  • 11,000 grit gives it a wet look
  • Each step costs $1.00 per sq. ft.

This Process of cleaning marble floors is environmentally friendly because there’s no use of chemicals. We use water and diamond embedded polishing pads to naturally and safely polish your floors.

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