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Do you wear shoes inside your home?
Here are some reasons why this may not be a good idea.

shoes on carpet

There are many reasons professional carpet cleaners recommend that you do not wear shoes inside your home. Other than the visible dirt on your shoes that you can track through your home, small soil particles can cause abrasions that wear away at the fibers and cause those ugly traffic marks in the areas you walk most. We now have scientific studies that give us even more reason not to wear shoes inside and these reasons are actually dangerous to our health.

An average of 421,000 different bacteria have been found on shoes during a study done by the University of Arizona. Some of the most commonly found bacteria were E. coli (which can cause digestive infections), klebsiella pneumoniae (which can cause urinary tract infections), and serratia ficaria (which can cause respiratory infections). These bacteria get on our shoes by walking through things like animal waste and public restroom floors. The study shows that the transfer of bacteria from shoes to home floors ranged from 90% to 99%.

Another health threat is toxins. We walk through things such as lawn treatments, asphalt roads with coal tar, and gasoline on a regular basis and these toxins can be brought into the home on your shoes. The best way to keep your home safe from these health risks is to leave your shoes at the door and clean and sanitize your carpet and flooring on a regular basis.

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