Couch Cleaning Tips from the Pro’s

We all spend a huge amount of our time on the family room couch and other pieces of upholstered furniture. If a spill happens it can ruin a couch because it is very absorbent and stains, odors, and spills get worse over time. Not an easy thing to clean up. Any spills should receive immediate attention by removing the excess and using a damp cloth to blot away any remaining spots. And of course, professional cleaning and applying fabric protection every 6 months to a year to help preserve and prolong the life of the upholstery.

  • Vacuuming regularly is key to keeping dirt at bay

    Use a hand-held vacuum to suck up dust particles and dirt. Getting into the routine of doing this can benefit allergy sufferers and extend the life of the couch. Take couch cushions outside and shake them out. You’ll see the dust fly!

  • Use a piece of fabric on the arm of the couch or chair

    You’d be surprised at how dirty the arm of a couch gets compared to the rest of it. Why? We frequently rest our arms there with short-sleeved shirts on. The oil from our skin can build up and create a dirt and dust magnet. The easiest solution is to cover the arm with an arm pad or pay special attention to the arms when vacuuming.

  • Remove cushions and do a spring cleaning

    We all know how easy it is to lose our spare change in the couch, but if you are in the habit of eating snacks or meals on your favorite couch you could be losing more than change! Try to vacuum any food, crumbs, coins, or any other miscellaneous items that have found their way beneath the couch cushions. Spring is a good time to do this because the weather is warm enough to air out the cushions while vacuuming everything else.

  • Your drink spills on the couch – don’t panic!

    We’ve all been there, a slight distraction and soda spills. Even worse a hefty glass of red wine. First, blot up any liquid that hasn’t already soaked into the fabric of the couch. Next, gather some white rags that are absorbent – an old towel works quite well. Soak the towel with cool water and add just a touch of mild dish soap/detergent. Wring this out so that it is not sopping wet and start to blot the stain. Make sure you are blotting the area and not rubbing – this is key to making sure the stain does not spread any more than it already has or it does not get ground into the fabric. You’ll want to do this a few times and in-between rinse the towel and use clean water. If this is the solution, great! Next, just blot the area with dry towels until it is dry enough that the air will do the rest. If you want to speed the drying process, a hairdryer will do the trick. Set the dryer at the cool setting and wave it back and forth over the area until dry.

  • How to clean a grease stain on a couch

    The pizza box was set on the couch cushion and it left a stain – is it a lost cause? You may be in luck. Go grab a box of corn starch from the kitchen and sprinkle it on the grease stain. Leave this on the stain for a minimum of 30 minutes to soak up the grease. When you come back, get out the vacuum and clean the couch. The corn starch should have soaked up the grease. If there is still some discoloration, refer to the steps above (wet towel with mid soap and blotting).

  • My couch needs a professional cleaning

    No worries, Angelo’s is here to help. We offer upholstery & couch cleaning services whether you have a leather couch or fabric couch. We offer steam cleaning and dry cleaning services. If you are unsure of what kind you need, we will test your particular fabric to determine which process is best for your fabric.