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There is nothing like the look of a beautiful hardwood floor and whether you have an old house with the original flooring or a newer house with hardwood floors, you need to maintain the finish to ensure that they will last for many years to come. There are many types of flooring and not all require the same cleaning treatments, so it is a good idea to identify what kind of sealant your floor has on it to know how to proceed with it’s maintenance.

  1. Acrylic Surface Sealed Hardwood Floor: acrylic urethanes, polyurethane, or polyacrylic sealants are very commonly used on modern hardwood floors. The acrylic sealer provides a very resistant seal to block surface stains and water damage, giving wood floors an easily maintained and relatively long-lasting seal.
  2. Oil Based Penetrating Hardwood Sealer: An oil-based wood floor sealer is different than acrylic because it penetrates into the grain of the wood and does not “sit” on the surface as much as acrylics do. Oil sealers are becoming less widely used and can be quite smelly when first applied. If you have a penetrating oil sealer, you will be able to tell by rubbing the surface with your finger. If you see a smudge then it most likely has been treated with an oil-based floor sealer (or a lacquer, varnish or shellack). But if you do not see a smudge, you most likely have an acrylic floor finish.  Penetrating oil finishes will need to be regularly waxed with a liquid or paste wax and buffed for a final moisture resistant seal. But they will look beautiful!
  3. Surface Lacquer, Varnish or Shellack Floor Sealers: Many older floors may be sealed with one of these tried-and-true finishes. And unlike penetrating oil finishes, all of these solvent-based hardwood floor sealers are surface finishes and are not entirely resistant to moisture, water or spills and wear from use over time. They bring out the beautiful warmth of an old wood floor but may need to be reapplied to keep their beatiful patina.

Most hardwood floors can be kept clean by regularly sweeping, vacuuming with a soft bristle brush and dusting the surface regularly, but when they need a clean, follow these steps and remember that waxed floors should not be damp mopped:


  • Ammonia, either straight ammonia or any cleaning products that contains it. This can damage a floors surface and make it look dull.
  • Abrasive cleaners are damaging to the surface of your hardwood floor. It is best to avoid using them
  • Furniture spray should not be used on hardwood floors. These sprays will leave an oily residue that will make future re-coating an issue, but besides that, will make your floor extremely slippery!

How to clean hardwood floors – properly
Using a mixture of vinegar and water is a popular method of cleaning a wood floor but, even better, is a mixture of soapy water. Remember to add only tiny bit of soap to a gallon of water. Because you are trying to clean your wood floor with the least amount of water you can, try to use a mop that is thoroughly wrung out OR use a damp mop method. When the water becomes visibly dirty, it is time to get a clean bucket. Once you have cleaned the floor, remember to go back once again with a clean bucket of plain warm water to remove any soap residue.

When to call a professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning Company:

When your wood floor begins to look cloudy, dull or hazy despite routine cleaning and maintenance, it is time for a professional cleaning! Angelo’s Carpet Cleaning cleans mush more than your home’s carpets – in fact, we have been restoring hardwood floors in homes and businesses in your neighborhood.

How We Restore Hardwood Floors

  • We remove all of the floor’s old residues such as worn-in dirt, grease, dust and contaminants by using floor cleaning machines that safely and effectively clean the wood without scratching it.
  • We use extremely durable protective coatings that provide a long-lasting seal.
  • We buff hardwood floors with microfiber pads that are safe to use without scratching or denting your wood floor.
  • We can make a very large process of maintaining a wood floor a simple phone call away! Call us today to see how we can bring your wood floor back to it’s original brilliance! Check out our Hardwood Floor Cleaning prices