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How to get rid of smoke odor in a carpet

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How to get rid of smoke odor in a carpet

  • smoke odor in carpet

There is a definite difference in looking at a picture of a beautiful apartment and actually smelling the air in that apartment!

A carpet can look clean and new and still hold odors from the previous tenant. But do not fret – you may not have to break the lease yet…there are some quick fixes to help reduce some of the odor OR if you want to go pro, Angelo’s can help treat the rug or carpet with our professional treatment.

Quick fixes for a better smelling apartment

  • Open all of the windows, especially ones that can produces some air flow. One open window in a room is not as effective as a few windows.
  • Humidity can take a slightly smelly room and make it extremely smelly. By using a dehumidifier, you can reduce the humidity and in effect, reduce the odor.
  • Use a fresh box of baking soda – sprinkle it on the carpet and let it stay there for 1+ hours. Vacuum it up and it should help clear the air a bit.

If you are about to move into an empty apartment and notice the odor, it could be a great time to call us before moving day! Or if you have tried to eliminate the odor and have not had any luck, it could be time to call the pro’s.

Angelo’s technicians are IICRC certified in smoke odor in carpet. We also provide odor removal services for smoke odor and mold/ mildew odor in addition to cleaning your carpet using the most effective and safest deodorizers and disinfectants available. These are treatments applied to the carpet after the cleaning process but before the drying process. Pricing for these treatments is generally $25.00 to $50.00 per room or rug in addition to our regular carpet cleaning or rug cleaning prices. Call to talk to us: 610-935-7557

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