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professional tile and grout cleaning philadelphia main line suburbs paIf you are are struggling with dirty grout it may be time to call the pro’s!

Angelo’s Carpet Cleaning offers a Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning service for the entire Philadelphia, Pa. region including: Chester County, Montgomery County, Delaware County and Berks County.

Porcelain Tile, Ceramic Tile and Grout Floors

Your tile and grout floors have grout lines that often need extra attention. Over the years a grouted floor will collect dust, dirt, mildew and grime that can be very hard to clean. Grout is porous and is slightly lower than the floor tiles which are smooth. It becomes a perfect area for stains to occur and worse, mildew. If you are a homeowner and your bathroom floor is becoming unmanageable and normal cleaning is not removing stains in your grout lines, it may be time to call in the pro’s! Business owners and landlords can also benefit from our grout cleaning service. Having a dirty and stained tile floor signals sanitary issues, your tenants and customers will be more likely to rent and use a facility that sparkles!

Our professional tile and grout cleaning service includes:

  • a professional deep scrubbing of your tile floor
  • a thorough mopping of the floor to remove all dirt and debris
  • sealing all of the grout lines for a longer lasting result

Grout cleaning for heavily soiled areas:

If your grout is a light color and is extremely soiled, we can do an additional grout whitening process to the floor which exposes a fresh layer of grout. How? We have special cleaners, brushes and equipment that have the ability to restore them back to their original color. Once done,  we apply a sealer to help keep your floor looking clean for as long as possible!

You can order our services online!