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An easy way to clean tile & grout

Tile & Grout Cleaning is a chore that can be simple to do when you have a new home with a new tile floor, but over time it can get harder and harder to perform. Tile floors are extremely durable and when they are kept clean can last for many years. A well maintained floor is the best solution to keeping them clean over time. Tiles can be porous and dust and grime can slowly penetrate them leaving a dull finish. Even tile such as marble can have its own problems! Small scratches occur after they have been walked on year after year. These scratches are extremely small and are a natural occurrence in any floor but dirt and grime from our shoes and dust in the air is sure to fall making your once sparkling clean tile floor appear old and grungy.

Cleaning Grout in a Tile Floor

The small lines between tiles in your floors are commonly filled with a light colored grout that, with age and use, becomes dirty. What to do? There are many grout sealers that claim to penetrate the grout and keep residue and dirt from staining but our floors take a daily beating and staining occurs in the grout that is virtually impossible to remove with ordinary cleaners. A professional grout cleaning can be the best way to combat a dirty floor. At Angelo’s we use special cleaning equipment and cleaners to bring grout back to its original brightness. A sealant is applied to make sure the floor stays clean and repels any dirt.

Cleaning Marble, Limestone and Other Natural Stone Floors

An old stone floor can be brought back – how? Angelo’s uses a polishing machine to make floors shine after years of abuse. Instead of a costly re-honing any homeowner or business can achieve a much less costly solution. We use a grit system :

  • 400 grit – removes minor scratches
  • 800 grit – removes very fine scratches
  • 1500 grit – starts to bring out a shine
  • 3000 grit – produces a mirror like shine
  • 11000 grit – gives the floor a wet look

And now for the easy step —

Call Angelo’s Cleaning – not only do we clean carpet, we clean tile floors and have many other professional cleaning services.