Is it worth it to Clean My Carpets During Winter or should I wait till Spring?

Many people say they are waiting until after winter to clean their carpet. Let’s look at a couple of the reasons given that make them come to that conclusion and my response of why I don’t think they should wait. I think winter is a great time to clean your carpet!

“The carpet will get dirty right away.”

We agree. If you come in with wet muddy shoes on. But, how about taking your shoes off before you walk on the carpet. I could go into great detail explaining all the bad things that can be tracked onto your carpet, visible and invisible, winter or summer, but I don’t want to spoil your dinner. Then there are the cutting soils that can cause abrasion and cause those ugly traffic lanes in the areas you walk the most. So this is an excellent time to train yourself to take your shoes off because you can see all this stuff on your shoes. Hey, if I can train myself to take my shoes off so can you.

“It will take longer to dry.”

It could, if the heating system is off. But with the heat on and often having a fan as part of the system, I see drying times to be about the same or better because of the warm air flow and Low Humidity speeding up the evaporation.

One more thing to consider is that were not as busy during winter so you can usually have the day and time that you want to have us clean your carpet and not have to wait sometimes two or three weeks. I also have more time to do some extras that you didn’t think about until I started cleaning, like your husband’s chair that you didn’t realize how dirty it was. I also think because we are inside more in the winter, having a clean carpet can give us a healthy home to enjoy. Removing the soil covering the fibers makes the colors brighter, it feels cushiony and it smells better. Sounds just like what the doctor ordered to make you feel better on a dreary winter’s day.