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carpet cleaning

Tips to ensure the quickest drying time after steam/hot water cleaning of carpets and furniture you need air movement, low humidity, and the right temperatures.

Humidity and airflow’s effect on drying a wet carpet:

Summer is very humid; you need air conditioning or a dehumidifier to remove the water in the air.

Winter is very dry, items will dry much faster, but you still need temperature and air movement.

Airflow- use fans and ceiling fans or open windows, do not open windows on humid days unless no air conditioning because carpet will take a while to dry.

Temperature’s effect on a wet carpet:

The temperature should be between 68 and 72 degrees.

Basements take the longest to dry since they are typically underground, you really should always have a dehumidifier in your basement to maintain humidity but if cleaning carpet or upholstery in a basement additional air movement is highly recommended or dry times can exceed 12 hours.

For faster drying time:

Angelo’s Cleaning also offers a carpet drying package for an additional charge of $30 + tax, where we will leave a carpet fan and a small moisture detector to help speed dry carpet and pick up the next day or soon after.

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