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Angelo’s Cleaning offers a Flood Emergency Service

What to do if my Pipes Burst ! Frozen Ice Dams in my Gutters are Thawing and causing a leak in my house !

It’s a winter wonderland out there. We are experiencing one of the Philadelphia area’s most intense winter seasons. And Chester County towns have been hit the hardest by power outages. Keeping your home or business warm and protected by snow and ice is important but we, at Angelo’s, can’t stress enough the importance of maintaining your pipes. Yes, your pipes are not immune to the cold. We hear many stories of a home being flooded by a burst frozen pipe that was not properly shutoff at the beginning of the winter season. A family going on vacation to a tropical paradise and turning off their heat to save on home heating costs, returning to a flood!

Quick ideas to prevent a flood in your home:

  • Every winter make sure to properly turn off water to unheated areas of your home
  • Remove your outdoor hose and store it. Cover your spicket with an insulated cover
  • Wrap pipes with insulation especially in cold areas
  • Clean out all your gutters after fall leaves have fallen.
  • Have a home inspector make sure your house is insulated properly to prevent ice dams
  • When temperatures plummet, make sure to inspect your pipes, basement and any rooms that are colder than the main part of your house

Flood Insurance

We work directly with the homeowner to take care of home or business floods. Typically your insurance policy’s deductible is is around $1000 (in the case of homeowners insurance). In many cases we can restore your soaked carpet for less or about the same as the deductible. The most common case of not being able to save flooded carpet is sewage back up. Every situation is different, but if a clean water (busted pipe, rain water seeping in, etc) flood is cleaned up within the first few days, the affected carpet can usually be saved. The importance of using a certified water restoration company is knowledge and experience, also insurance coverage want a certified company to deal with the restoration if you do decide to place a claim. Our technicians and firm are IICRC certified in Water Damage Restoration.

Help – My house is flooded – what do I do?

Angelo’s recommends calling your insurance company immediately. Unfortunately some homeowners do not have flood insurance as part of their home insurance policy. Don’t worry, we are here to help! First step:

  1. Call Angelo’s Cleaning right away:
  2. Try to rescue any furniture or items that have not gotten wet or damaged.
  3. Make sure all electrical outlets have been turned off at the breaker
  4. Turn on fans or open windows (if you can)
  5. View some more flood cleanup tips here

What Angelo’s Cleaning will do to fix your soaked carpets

Floods can be tragic, we know. We have many customers who call us every year for the same problem. The fact is, pipes can burst. And, of course – these things ALWAYS happen at the worst time. We will come out and do EVERYTHING WE CAN to clean up this disaster in your life. Our technicians and firm are IICRC certified in Water Damage Restoration! Your insurance company may recommend some companies for you to use, but the fact is, you are free to use any company you wish. Our first visit will basically consist of (depending on the severity of your flood) extraction of flood water, removal of the carpet padding, spraying of disinfectant to prevent mold and mildew, and setting up a carpet dryer.