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Summer 2018 has been WET for Pennsylvania! Above average rainfall hitting the Delaware Valley area is causing flood damage!

It seems that every week we are being hit with storms and drenching downpours. Rainfall measurements are tracking higher than average and calls about flooding basements and flood damage are coming in.

Did you know that Angelo’s Cleaning offers flood and water cleanup services?

Some people are able to dry out a throw rug or put fans on a minor flood but when an entire carpet is under water or soaked, or a basement is flooded, it is important to jump into action. A carpet needs to be dried thoroughly to prevent mold and mildew from setting in. This needs to be done immediately after the flood has happened and can be achieved with high velocity fans, pumps and vacuums. Some rugs or carpets can be left in place but a professional water restoration specialist may suggest that they be removed. Angelo’s Cleaning has all of the professional equipment needed to restore your home back to its original dry condition.

Not only do we hear from customers after a rainfall but a basement or home flood can occur at any time! You just came back from summer vacation and while you were gone the toilet overflowed, or worse a pipe burst. The fact is, pipes burst, walls leak, and toilets overflow and for some reason these things ALWAYS happen at the worst time. This can be stressful, seeing a small water stain grow larger and larger, having to clear out a room or even an entire floor of your belongings. A flood may even require you to move out of your

Is a Flood Cleanup Service Near Me?

Angelo’s Cleaning is right around the corner! With locations in Phoenixville, Conshohocken and West Chester, Pa. we are your neighborhood water cleanup service.

610-935-7557 (Phoenixville)
610-436-6666 (West Chester)
610-265-5116 (Conshohocken)

Water damage restoration is necessary to eliminate mold and mildew issues

The proper equipment and tools is mandatory in salvaging your carpets and can make a huge difference between less damage and faster drying time as opposed to days on end of preventable damage and undeniable loss. Waterlogged carpets, rugs and floors need to be properly dried and dehumidified and also cleaned to remove the dirt and debris that can produce a moldy situation. This can be dangerous for you and your family or if you own a local business, for your staff and customers.

Angelo’s Cleaning has high velocity fans on-hand to focus the airflow where it needs to go to make the drying process efficient as possible to try prevent mod or mildew growth from happening and the air you breath safe.

What sets us apart from other water damage restoration companies?

Our technicians and firm are IICRC certified in Water Damage Restoration!

We know it is a rough time for you and your insurance company may actually recommend some other companies for you to use, but the fact is you are free to use any company you wish.

We are not a national chain company, we are a local company that strives to give our customers the best personal experience. Not only do we perform water remediation services, we let you know what is happening and what you can expect, the timeline of your remediation and how you can help to restore your property back to its original condition.

First steps: Depending on the severity of your flood, our first visit will basically consist of extraction of the water and water logged carpeting, removal of the carpet padding, spraying of a disinfectant to guard against mold and mildew growth, and setting up a carpet dryer/s. If necessary, we can also remove and replace any affected baseboards and drywall.

We have a bunch of FAQ’s on our Water Damage to Carpets page where you can also order services right online!