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How to Maintain Rental Carpeting or Apartment Carpeting

Any landlord knows how hard it is to keep a rental clean. Maybe a tenant smokes, has a pet that had a “few accidents” or a small infant. Accidents happen and aside from relying on your tenant to perform a spot cleaning and hope for the best, your wall-to-wall carpeting could have a much more limited life compared to the ultra careful homeowner.  So what do you do?

Apartment Carpet Replacement Cost vs Carpet Cleaning Services

When a renter moves out it is your responsibility assess whether or not the carpeting is up-to-snuff. If there are a few stains here and there, or the carpeting has been compressed from heavy furniture sitting on it, a professional carpet cleaner can usually be able to get more life from the carpet. Even a carpet that smells stale or has a particular odor can benefit from a deep cleaning to sanitize the fibers. Generally pet deposits are a nonreturnable fee in anticipation of more wear and tear on a carpet and this can be used towards a freshening. But if a carpet has a lot of staining, or there is a significant odor, such as cat urine which has been left untreated, a carpet replacement may be the best way to start fresh.

If you are a landlord or rent an apartment, you know the importance of keeping your carpets clean.

Maintaining the life of your Apartment’s Carpet is crucial to keeping your investment secured. If you maintain the carpets regularly or you leave it up to your tenant to do so, consider using one of our Carpet Cleaning Packages to guarantee that the investment you have made in laying down a fresh carpet is lasting.

Our Carpet Cleaning Package Includes:

  • 2 Rooms
  • 1 Hallway
  • 1 Set of Steps
  • Pretreatment and Scotchgard Protection always Included