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An On-Site Drapery Cleaning Service makes cleaning all your window treatments painless!

Reasons to clean your drapes:

Drapes and curtains are one of the objects in a house that are used every day but ignored. We vacuum, we dust, we clean the house but our drapes remain in service and well, just hang there. It is hard to clean drapes. No one wants to take them down, they are heavy and often the hardware used to hang them is not easy to remove. Normally most drapes will not fit in a standard washing machine because of their size and weight. Lugging a rooms’ worth of curtains to the local laundromat is not anyone’s idea of a good time and that is why Angelo’s can help make this unwanted chore less painful at a with their on-site drapery cleaning service.

What are the benefits of cleaning drapes?

  • It cleans and removes hidden allergens that are buried in the fabric
  • It  can extend the life of your drapes which are huge cost!
  • Your drapes and curtains will look like did when they were new
  • Pet dander and pet hair will be removed from the fabric and folds
  • Cleaning removes oils and scents from cooking

Using a professional drapery cleaning service ensures that your drapes will not shrink or lose their color or their seams and thread will not unravel, which can be a common problem when using an over sized washing machines off-site. New homeowners should take care to ensure that existing drapes and window treatments are cleaned prior to moving into their new apartment or home. Unwanted smells, allergens, pet dander, dust and other unwanted materials could be residing in the folds!

What can I expect when having my drapes cleaned?

You do not need to do a thing! Angelo’s Carpet Cleaning has you covered. There’s no need to take them down or re-hang them, there is no damage from excessive handling and you will be able to keep the original shape and style intact. We clean top treatments which collect dust and frequently get overlooked when treatments are taken to be cleaned off-site. Box valances, jabot, swags and other miscellaneous window treatments too! There are so many Benefits of an On-Site Drapery Cleaning Service. Dry cleaning or dry-wet-dry cleaning are services we provide for cleaning window treatments. Just go to our drapery cleaning service page and order online and provide a date and time that is convenient for you OR call us to schedule an appointment: 610-935-7557

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