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How to get allergy relief. What could be affecting your allergies? Pet dander, mold spores, dust spores, outside allergens that have entered your home. But we can’t live in a bubble! Here is a list of how to make your life more tolerable…

  • Instead of designating one day every week or every other week for cleaning your house, do a thorough spring cleaning and then do a small chore every day or so to keep up the hard work you did. Don’t let things get out of hand. The longer you wait to vacuum and dust, the harder the job and the worse air quality in your home.
  • Rotate your sheets and bedding often. If you don’t want to completely change your sheets, a great way to combat nightly stuffed noses and sneezing is to change your pillow case. Also, by making your bed every day, you eliminate the airborne dust that settles all over your bedding.
  • Dust with a slightly damp cloth to trap dust particles. Even the best micro-fiber dusting cloths can not trap all the dust. Take a look at the air in a sunny room when you dust and you will see just how much of it there is! By doing a fast swipe of a cloth while talking on the phone or passing through a room, you can keep it at bay.
  • Pet hair and pet dander is just a  part of owning a dog or cat. Get into a routine of brushing your pet – they will learn to love it and you will suffer less. For pet hair that has settled on couches or furniture, put on a pair of plastic cleaning gloves and swipe your hand across the fabric. Although vacuuming is effective, it can also blow the hair all over the room and into the air so if you do vacuum, wait for all the hair to settle to the floor before sweeping it up with a swiffer or a slightly damp rag.
  • Shoes off at the door! If not, you are bringing all of the allergens from the outside into your home. Pollen is sticky and can fall on your clothes, hair and especially come in on the bottom of your shoes.
  • Bonus tip – have you had your air vents cleaned recently? If you have had any indoor construction done in your house, recently moved into a house or you or your kids suffer from allergies, you may benefit from a professional air duct cleaning or air vent cleaning.

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