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“I burned a Hole in My Carpet!”

Winter is upon us and we all are enjoying our fireplaces and lighting candles on cold, dark evenings. It is a common problem that Angelo’s hears a lot – a nice log in the fireplace is stocked and BOOM – a spark pops onto the wall-to-wall carpet!! What to do?

Fix a Carpet Burn with CARPET PATCHES (inserts)

Carpet inserts can be installed and can literally save your carpet. Wall-to-wall carpeting is an extremely expensive fix for a burnt hole or stain that just will not come out. The most important step is finding either a scrap of the original carpeting that was kept or a small piece in a closet or under a piece of furniture that will never be moved. We can cut out the bad section and replace it with a good piece of carpeting. If the replacement piece has no wear, you will notice it in the middle of a worn area, but it will definitely look better than what was there before!

Because this carpet repair service is dependent upon many factors, it is best to call Angelo’s for a quote or consultation