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wrinkles in carpeting

All About Carpet Stretching

A wrinkled carpet can be more than an eyesore, it can be a tripping hazard! Your carpet is not beyond hope wrinkles in a wall-to-wall carpet are a common issue in older houses. Even a new house with brand new carpets may need carpet stretching!

  • Do the wrinkles in your carpet just not look cute anymore?
  • Is it possible to fix a wrinkled carpet so it looks brand new?
  • How do you get wrinkles out of your carpet?
  • Does your carpet have more waves in it than the ocean on a breezy day?

See below for answers!

What is carpet stretching?

Have you ever noticed an area on your wall-to-wall carpet that seems like it is bubbling up or rippling instead of laying perfectly flat on the floor? This is something that will not go away. In fact, in most cases, the small ripple will get worse the more you walk on it. A ripple in a carpet is the reason a homeowner would need carpet stretching. carpet stretching is the act of re-stretching the wrinkled carpet back to its original shape.

In just the last 10 years, Angelo’s Cleaning has stretched over 1,100 rooms and halls of carpet

How do you stretch a carpet?

Peeling back the carpet – as the carpet is pulled back a lot of care is put to avoid the destruction of the fiber on the carpet as well as the existing carpet pad.

Replacing old tack strips with new ones – Tack strips may need to be replaced if they are old, or crushed (their nail points are not standing at the proper angle to grab the carpet). When replacing the old tack strips with new ones, it is often suggested that heavy leather work gloves are used. tack strips are extremely sharp so proper handling is key to avoiding deep cuts and they should be disposed of in a thick bag.

Stretching and resetting the carpet – this happens after all tack strips are replaced. If the carpet pad was removed it should be re stapled to the floor or a new pad should be put down. After this, the carpet can be stretched.

The stretching should be done with a proper stretcher – It takes a lot of force to restretch the carpet back into its original shape. By pulling the carpet out and then stretching it over the tack board and into the “teeth” or nails, a carpet is saved.

What Causes a Carpet to Wrinkle?

  • Poor installation – This is usually the overwhelming reason why a carpet can develop wrinkles. Unfortunately, some installers of carpets still use an old-fashioned knee kicker approach which, if used, does not follow the carpet manufacturer’s specs and may even void the warranty. If a carpet isn’t stretched properly during installation, it can loosen from the nails and end up developing ripples and wrinkles. Read more about improper carpet installation
  • Humidity and excess heat– excessive temperatures in a room can affect and ultimately cause wrinkling and buckling. In some cases, the carpet may return to its normal flat nature, but it is recommended that a carpet acclimates to the new room at a moderate temperature. If a carpet is left in a very hot room, before it has been installed it can lead to problems down the road. All carpet manufacturers have strict guidelines that should be followed when installing their carpets which can be found on their websites.
  • Moisture – many times a homeowner will use a steam cleaner on their carpet, not knowing that the machine can be a source of damage if the carpet is not dried well enough. A steam machine forces wetness into the carpet and if it does not get the remaining moisture out again and the room is closed up or humid, then the carpet can end up buckling. Another issue is flooding or unseen moisture that exists beneath the carpet like an unsealed concrete floor or a leaking appliance. The carpet may separate from the backing in the event of too much moisture and this is an issue that must be resolved or even a brand new carpet will fall victim to the same issue.
  • Heavy furniture – If you move heavy furniture across your carpet, it can loosen the tension at the edges. Even a heavy piece of furniture sitting in place can be so heavy that it can cause the carpet to ripple and loosen at its edges. A frequent cause of rumpling in a carpet is an office chair. We purchase a heavy office chair that swivels and has wheels so we can move around at our desk but this frequent movement with weight is a sure way to loosen the carpet from the wall. Make sure when purchasing a chair or after you’ve had a carpet replaced to also purchase a thick plastic carpet protector for under your chair. It is an investment that you will appreciate later on!
  • Carpet pad – A low-quality carpet pad or even a carpet pad that is too thin may be cheaper upfront, but may not be what the manufacturer of the carpet specifies is best to use.
  • Older carpets – if you have been using a carpet for a long time or if you’ve moved into a house with an existing carpet chances are that ultimately it will get wrinkles, especially if the place where the carpet is in use has high foot traffic.

Most carpet manufacturers provide guides on how to maintain a carpet and should be followed. A carpet is an investment and maintenance is key to keeping your investment as it was when you first smelled that “new carpet smell”! If you notice any changes in the state of your carpet after it has been installed, it is wise to contact them immediately. Most companies will give a warranty for installation, but if they do not, make sure while they are in your home or business installing the carpet to walk on it, and inspect it, especially in closets and corners and at the edges of the room. Because an installation company is in and out as fast as they can, you should be very careful about this inspection, looking at the walls, and woodwork, and making sure your home has not been damaged in any way.

The average life of a carpet is twelve years (with normal use) and over those dozen years, there can be many things that happen! However, with the help of our certified professionals, your aging carpet can gain an extended life.

Even after only a couple of years of use, your carpets can become loose and rippled. Angelo’s can stretch your carpet tightly with professional equipment and our friendly staff using our power stretcher and knee kicks. You’ll be amazed at how much younger your carpet looks! To properly stretch a carpet the room should be emptied of all furnishings which can be a huge undertaking. We understand this can be an inconvenience so we will try to work with you on this.

Repairs are always far better than replacements in most cases and this is mainly for the monetary value. Extend the life of your carpet – the friendly staff at Angelo’s Cleaning can answer any questions you may have about your carpet – we are experts in carpet stretching & carpet repair! Call us today at 610-935-7557 or email us for a quote or an in-home evaluation and consultation or order carpet stretching services online