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Pollen Allergy Relief can be tamed by following these methods when spring cleaning your house.

  • Clean your drapes and curtains – If you have heavy curtains or drapery that has not been cleaned in awhile, make it a spring cleaning priority to take them down and throw them in the washing machine. The dust from the winter and pollen and other allergens that are coming in your windows are bound to be trapped in the fibers. Have drapery that is too heavy to remove or you just don’t want to take them down but they are due for a clean? Angelo’s offers a spring drapery cleaning service
  • Use a damp rag to clean off windowsills – it feels so good to open windows that have been shut all winter but along with that nice warm breeze are many allergens including pollen from surrounding trees and flowers. Even one day can produce a fine layer of yellow pollen, so take a lightly damp rag or paper towel and sweep under windows that have been open all day. Pollen allergy relief requires you to keep at it!
  • Change your air filters – it may be time to change the filters in your system. Spring is a good time to check before turning on the air conditioners and central air for the summer months. Have you had your air ducts cleaned? Here is an interesting article about, “How often should I have my air ducts cleaned?
  • Change your vacuum cleaner bags more often – if you are sucking up a lot of pollen and dust when you are doing your spring cleaning, all those allergens can escape the bag and recirculate in the air. If your allergies are severe, you may want to invest in a hepa vacuum or a vacuum with a filter.
  • Carpet Cleaning reduces allergies – vacuuming alone may help but for those with severe allergies it makes sense to have a thorough cleaning of your carpet using a professional service.
  • Keep a mat by the door and use it! Lots of pollen flies through the air but most of it has landed on the driveway, porch, grass and parking lots. Wherever you walk, you are collecting it on your shoes.
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