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Angelo’s Cleaning is also a Carpet Repair Company

How many times have you stepped on your carpet over the years? It takes a lot of abuse but if a wall to wall carpet or area rug is vacuumed regularly and professionally cleaned, it can last for a very long time. But what about a carpet that’s been damaged? A hole, or a burn mark, chewing gum that won’t come out, binding that comes loose or a wall to wall carpet that is not stretched properly, all these thing could make a homeowner think that their carpet is a goner! Luckily, if you live in the suburbs of Philadelphia: King of Prussia, Collegeville, West Chester, Villanova or anywhere in the outlying area you are in luck! Angelo’s can help.

We can fix your carpet damage

Angelo’s Carpet Cleaning has experts on staff who can fix your carpet or assess whether or not a carpet can be salvaged. We offer repair services including:

  • Stretching Carpets that are wrinkled or have come loose
  • Securing carpets on stairs to prevent unwanted falls
  • Carpet Patches to fix holes, cigarette burns, etc and carpet inserts
  • Color Repair on carpets that have become discolored including Spot Dying
  • Carpet damage repair

Bottom Line – If you are considering replacing your damaged carpet, give us a call. A carpet repair can be much less costly than replacement carpeting.